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Things To Do

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Copyedit : Any articles with "attention needed"
  • Infobox : Make Infoboxes for Robotics articles which need robotics standards
  • Stubs : 213 stubs exist of which around 50% could be improved to Start-class
  • Update : Begin tagging and assessing all related robotics articles with project banner, located on the Template page.

This Collaboration of the Fortnight (COTF) by WikiProject Robotics is a collaboration effort in order to improve higher education articles on Wikipedia.


The current Robotics Collaborations of the Fortnight are:
Editor Nominated Topic Robotics COTWnew.png
B-Class Improvement Drive FIRST Robotics
Start/Stub Improvement Drive Home automation

Every fortnight three robotics-related topics, stubs, or red linked articles are chosen for you to improve. Be bold!
This COTF is organized by WikiProject Robotics. (Nominate future collaborations or see past collaborations.)
This WP:ROBO/COTF is effective: February 29, 2008—March 13, 2008.

How to help[edit]

What we're looking for:
  • Upgrading Start-Class or Stub-Class articles to B-Class: (Borrowed from WikiProject Florida)
  1. Referencing and citation
  2. Coverage and accuracy
  3. Structure
  4. Grammar
  5. Supporting materials
  • Upgrading B-Class articles to GA/FA grade:
  1. Neutral point-of-view
  2. Well-structured and written
  3. Well-Rounded Coverage of Robotics/Subject area
  4. (See GA/FA requirements)
  • General guidelines
  1. Help verify/supply new sources
  2. Update figures. (Enrollment figures and number of awards fluctuate every semester/year. It drastically affects the accuracy of this encyclopedia to make sure the data displayed in the article is up-to-date.
  3. Check to see if the article is following the suggested WikiProject Robotics article structure breakdown
  4. Make sure the article is NOT an advertisement. The last thing we need is a misplaced online university trying to solicit to students through our services. If it is written like an advertisement, fix it. If you cannot, notify us on the appropriate subject header on this talk page.
  5. Remove any instances of academic boosterism.
  6. Be Bold
And most importantly...
  • Have fun!

COTF Article Selection[edit]

Every fortnight (14 days), there shall be a total of three articles that this Collaboration project will improve. Selection process shall be as follows:

  • One out of three articles shall be a topic editors vote on. Nominations will be set on Wikipedia:WikiProject Robotics/COTF#Future COTF Nominations and topics shall be voted on.
  • The second of three articles shall be selected randomly from the B-Class Robotics articles list. The objective of this selection is to improve the selected B-Class Robotics article so that it will be proposed to Good Article Nominations or Featured Article Review.
  • The last of three articles shall be selected randomly from the Start-class or stub-class Robotics articles lists. The objective of this selection is to improve the selected start/stub-class Robotics article so it may be upgraded to at least a B-class article.

A designated moderator, currently set (by default) to User:Jamesontai, will be assigned to take charge of updating the winning editor nominated article as well as randomly picking two articles, one from start/stub class and one from b-class for improvement. Moderator assignments will be fixed until a need for changing the moderator is needed and a consensus to reassign the position has been reached.

Nomination Guidelines[edit]

To vote or nominate you have to be a registered user with at least one contribution that is not a vote. Anyone who does so is encouraged to make at least one edit per vote or nomination to one of our currently chosen articles. Any and all articles may be nominated except:

How to nominate[edit]

Add nomination

Copy and paste the following template to the bottom of the list of nominations on this page and fill it out.
Please be sure to spell the article correctly, THE NAME IS CASE-SENSITIVE!

{{Univote|start=June 19, 2018|votes=1}}
<!-- Remember to update the vote counter when you place your vote! -->
; Support:
# ~~~~

; Comments:
* (put your reason for nomination) --~~~~


Under "comments" section put explanation of what work is needed.


After submitting the new nomination, go to the nominated article's talk page and change the {{WikiProject Robotics}} template to read:

{{WikiProject Robotics|collaboration-nom=yes}}

Add {{todo}} to the top of the talk page as well, unless it's already present.

How to vote[edit]

Sign with "# ~~~~" on the end of the list of the article you want to vote for and then update the vote count in the subhead. Opposing votes are not counted; see approval voting. You can vote for as many articles as you like. Additionally you can give a comment in the comment section; use terms such as appalling and shocking sparingly, remember that every editor that has ever edited a nominated article did so to the best of his of her ability.

How the article is selected[edit]

Article with the most votes on every other Thursday is selected as "The current Editor Nominated Topic article". If two articles have same number of votes, the older nominee wins.

How an article is removed from the list[edit]

Articles are automatically removed from the collaboration list after the 14 day period is over. However, the Editor Nominated Topic may be extended to a maximum of 28 days if and only if there is complete consensus on the COTF talk page AND at least ten (10) votes from editors (no sock puppets) stating that the topic needs another 14 days to improve upon. Randomly selected articles may not have their time extended.


Previous Collaborations Chronicle[edit]

Edition Dates Article(s)
Editor Nominated Topic B-Class Improvement Drive Start/Stub Improvement Drive
I Feb 292008 ~ Mar 132008 Robotics FIRST Robotics Home automation

Active COTF Editors[edit]

To add your name into this section, please type in # ~~~~ to the bottom of the list. I will contact people on the following list of COTF updates, questions, urgent issues, and RfCs on the COTF program.

  1. - Jameson L. Tai talkcontribs 23:07, 18 February 2008 (UTC)
  1. Midorihana~iidesune? 08:09, 20 February 2008 (UTC)


  • {{RoboticsCOTF}} puts the COTF announcement as shown at the top of this page.

{{WikiProject Robotics}} includes the ability to denote an article as being a nominated, current, or past COTF. Add the following syntax to the article's {{WikiProject Robotics}} template on its talk page:

  • Nominated COTF: {{WikiProject Robotics|collaboration-nom=yes}}
  • Current COTF: {{WikiProject Robotics|collaboration-now=yes}}
  • Past COTF: {{WikiProject Robotics|collaboration-past=[[October 4]]-[[October 18]], [[2008]].}}