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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to role-playing games. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page or look at the goals section on this page to see what the focus is at the moment.

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WikiProject on Role-playing games


This project aims to improve the coverage and quality of articles on role-playing games (RPGs). The main areas of interest are Games, Terms, Systems, Designers and Publishers.

The project covers traditional, live action and computer-assisted RPGs. A more specific project, WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons, exists for articles related only to Dungeons & Dragons.

Role-playing video games are outside the scope of this project; they belong at WikiProject VG. An exception to this would be video games based on specific role-playing games, such as those found in Category:Video games based on tabletop role-playing games; such articles fall under the scope of both WikiProject Video Games, and WikiProject Role-playing games.

Roleplay simulations (and similar "gamed simulations") are also outside the scope of this project.

Related WikiProjects[edit]

For projects with a more general scope, see WikiProject Board and table games, or the WikiProject Games. For more specific projects, see WikiProject Dungeons & Dragons, or its sub-projects WikiProject Dragonlance, WikiProject Forgotten Realms, and WikiProject Greyhawk.


Discussions on goals can be held on the Goals subpage.

Short-term goals[edit]

Short-term goals are measurable and achievable in a reasonably short time. Move a goal to reached when it's finished. (discussion)

  1. Get some RPG articles to Good article status

Long-term goals[edit]

Long-term goals are what the project is working towards. Move a goal to short-term to focus on it for a period of time.

  1. Add an infobox with an appropriate image to all RPGs.
  2. Catalogue all the notable publishers.
  3. Consistent naming: rename all "Foo (RPG)" and "Foo (Role-playing game)" pages to "Foo (role-playing game)". Note: This assumes 1) that just "Foo", without the parenthetical qualifier, is already used for another article (if it isn't, just use that), and 2) that Foo is a specific role-playing game, not an article about multiple role-playing games, or RPGs in general. The plural, "Foo (role-playing games)", is preferred for those. Category: Role-playing game terms has many examples.
  4. Organize and categorize all notable RPG systems (eg. D20, interlock and others), and write decent articles on them.
  5. Catalogue notable RPG games.
  6. Add other essential RPG-related knowledge to Wikipedia.
  7. Flesh out the stubs at Category:Role-playing game stubs to full articles.
  8. Get Role-playing game to FA status.
  9. Describe terminology that is common to most RPGs.
  10. Create an RPG WikiPortal at Portal:Role-playing games.
  11. Play some RPG.

Reached goals[edit]

Move achieved goals from the other lists here, so we can see if we're making any progress.

  1. Find a good mini-image for {{rpg-stub}} and {{userbox RPG}}.
  2. Decide on a Userbox-look.
  3. Move published RPGs from Category:Role-playing games to the subcategory Category:Published role-playing games. (discussion)
  4. Make a Category: Live-action role-playing games to reduce and organize Category: Role-playing games a bit (see above).
  5. Clean up/reduce and organize the Category: Role-playing games, "spiritual home" of this project. Was a major Project effort, discussion archived on the Talk page.
  6. Write structure guidelines for articles on the project page.
  7. An RPG infobox has been added to articles in the following categories: Indie, GURPS, Horror, World of Darkness, Comedy, Espionage, Superhero, Historical, Science fiction and Fantasy.
  8. An image has been added to articles in the following categories: World of Darkness, GURPS, Horror, Comedy, and Espionage, Superhero.


Discussions on style and structure of role-playing game and RPG-related articles can be held on the Style subpage.

Articles should follow, as closely as is possible, the guidance at the Manual of Style.

Role-playing games[edit]

For articles on role-playing games, we recommend the following layout:

Title is a genre [[role-playing game]], designed by designer and published by current publisher. Brief explanation what is notable about the game.

  • full description of the game setting if the game uses a custom setting, or:
  • Main article: [[game setting]]
    brief description of setting; full description of anything added or fleshed out for the game if the system is shared between games, or if it is taken from another work of fiction.
  • full description of the game system if the game uses a custom system, or:
  • Main article: [[game system]]
    brief description of game system; full description of what's different in this game if it's shared across many games
  • full history of different editions of and supplements to the game, if any, and any awards won by the game.
If there is only one thing to mention, put the game's publication date in the lead sentence and omit this section.
It is intended that this section should give a narrative history of the game. Long lists of all books published for a given game or system are not recommended for inclusion in articles (see "indiscriminate collections of information"); however, an external link pointing to such a list is strongly recommended.
==See also==
  • brief list of very similar RPGs, or other games in the same product line - but not just a list of games in the same genre (that's why we have the categories)

References should be added using <ref> tags throughout the body of the article, next to the facts that they are included to support. Where possible, they should use the available standard reference templates.

Books, modules, supplements, boxed sets, etc: {{cite book}}
Articles in periodicals, or works within an anthology: {{cite journal}}
Online sources: {{cite web}}

If an article uses several different pages within the same source as a reference for different parts of the article, it is recommended that the work be added to a bibliography section, and the various references use the {{harvnb}} tag to refer to it there.

==External links==
  • any external resources not covered under references

[[Category:Appropriate genre of role-playing games]] - or more than one if appropriate

Setting, System and History could come in any order, depending on what's most important for the game in question.

Important terms should be in bold, so it's easy to see what the paragraph you're reading is about.

Example articles[edit]

List articles that are of a high enough standard to be used as good examples of their category.

Role-playing games[edit]


Project templates[edit]

What to type What is displayed Where to use it
{{Infobox RPG}} (t/l), with parameters like this:
{{Infobox RPG
|title= <title>
|image= <image>
|caption= <caption for image>
|designer= <designer(s)>
|publisher= <publisher(s)>
|date= <publication date>
|genre= <genre(s)>
|system= <system>
|footnotes= <footnotes>
<caption for image>
Publication date<publication date>
On role-playing game articles
{{Infobox gaming group}} (t/l), with parameters like this:
{{Infobox gaming group
|name= <name>
|subtitle= <subtitle>
|image= <image>
|caption= <caption for image>
|parent_group= <parent organisation>
|founded= <founding year>
|location= <city country, or country>
|structure= <organisation structure>
|genre= <genre(s)>
|system= <published or main mechanic>
|event_style= <length, size>
|active= <still running events?>
|website= <website>
|footnotes= <footnotes>
<caption for image>
Short name<subtitle>
Founded<founding year>
Location<city country, or country>
Parent group<parent organisation>
On LARP group articles
{{rpg-stub}} (t/l) Stub role-playing game articles, unless a more specific stub notice exists. See the list on Template:rpg-stub.
{{RPGproject}} (t/l)
WikiProject Role-playing games (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Role-playing games, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of role-playing games on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

This template should be added to the discussion page of articles maintained by this WikiProject.
{{userbox RPG}} (t/l)
Ten sided die This user is a member of WikiProject RPG.
Your user page - if you want.
{{RPG}} (t/l) Only on articles listed on the template.


Category:Role-playing games
Category:Role-playing game templates


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Category:Role-playing game articles by quality
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Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Role-playing game articles by quality (links to detailed assessment lists)
Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Role-playing game articles by quality log (bot's assessment statistics logs)


To join the project, just add yourself to this list in an alphabetical order.

I am interested in D20 Modern. I will help in any way I can.


If you don't want to or have the time to participate yourself, but think the project is worthwhile, show your support by adding your name to this list.

Add yourself!

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