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The current collaboration focus is "Operation B&M". Find out how to help below.

Welcome to the collaboration section of the Amusement Parks WikiProject! This area's focus is on the development of an article towards Good or Featured Article nomination.

Operation B&M[edit]

Operation B&M was a concept developed by Dom497. The aim is to try and get the rest of B&M roller coaster articles to GA and/or FA status. Below is the list which provides the status of each article.

Operation B&M (Good Article status): 57% complete
Article Original class Current class Status
Vortex (California's Great America) Stub Stub
Batman: The Ride Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Vortex (Carowinds) Stub Stub
Flight Deck (California's Great America) Stub Stub
Kumba (roller coaster) Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Diavlo Stub Stub
Nemesis (roller coaster) B GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Raptor (Cedar Point) GA GA Completed by Astros4477
Dragon Khan Start Start
Montu (roller coaster) C GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Alpengeist Start C
Pyrenees (roller coaster) Stub Stub
Oblivion (roller coaster) C GA Completed by Mdann52
Great Bear (roller coaster) Start Start
The Great White (SeaWorld San Antonio) Stub Stub
The Riddler's Revenge Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Afterburn (roller coaster) Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Bizarro (Six Flags Great Adventure) B GA Completed by Astros4477
Incredible Hulk (roller coaster) Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Dragon Challenge B GA Completed by Dom497
Raging Bull (roller coaster) Start Start
Georgia Scorcher Start Start
Apollo's Chariot Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Kraken (roller coaster) Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Medusa (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) Stub Stub
Katun (roller coaster) Stub Stub
Superman: Krypton Coaster Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Diving Machine G5 Stub Stub
Insane Speed Stub Stub
Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure) C C
Talon (roller coaster) Stub GA Completed by Dom497
Wildfire (Silver Dollar City) Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Air (roller coaster) Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Batman: The Dark Knight (roller coaster) Stub GA Completed by Dom497
Batman: La Fuga Stub Stub
Silver Star (roller coaster) Stub Stub
Superman: La Atracción de Acero Stub Stub
Superman: Ultimate Flight Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Vampire (La Ronde) Stub Stub
Nemesis Inferno Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Scream (roller coaster) Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Dæmonen Stub GA Completed by Dom497
Lightning (Entertainment City) Stub Stub
Silver Bullet (roller coaster) Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Hydra the Revenge Start GA Completed by Dom497
SheiKra B Featured article FA Completed by Dom497
Black Mamba (roller coaster) Start Start
Crystal Wing Stub Stub
Goliath (La Ronde) Start GA Completed by Dom497
Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia) Start GA Completed by Dom497
Patriot (Worlds of Fun) Start GA Completed by Dom497
Tatsu B GA Completed by Dom497
Griffon (roller coaster) B GA Completed by Dom497
Hollywood Dream: The Ride Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Phaethon (roller coaster) Stub Stub
Behemoth (roller coaster) GA GA Completed by Dheppens
Dive Coaster (Chimelong Paradise) Stub Stub
Dominator (roller coaster) GA GA Completed by Astros4477
Goliath (Six Flags Fiesta Texas) B GA Completed by Dom497
Time Machine (roller coaster) Stub GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Diamondback (roller coaster) GA GA Completed by Astros4477
Diving Coaster Start Start
Manta C GA Completed by Themeparkgc
The Monster (roller coaster) Start Start
Intimidator (roller coaster) GA GA Completed by Dom497
Green Lantern (Six Flags Great Adventure) C GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Hair Raiser Stub Stub
Krake Stub GA Completed by Dom497
Raptor (Gardaland) Start Start
Sky Scrapper Start GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Apocalypse (Six Flags America) GA GA Completed by Dom497
Leviathan (roller coaster) GA GA Completed by Dom497
OzIris Start Start
Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya Start GA Completed by Dom497
The Swarm (roller coaster) B GA Completed by Themeparkgc
Wild Eagle GA GA Completed by Dom497
X-Flight (Six Flags Great America) C GA Completed by Astros4477
GateKeeper (roller coaster) B GA Completed by Astros4477
Nitro (Adlabs Imagica) Stub GA Completed by Dom497
Banshee (roller coaster) Start C
Parrot Coaster Stub Start
Flug der Dämonen Stub C
Family Inverted Coaster (Happy Valley) N/A N/A
Unknown (Xishuangbanna Theme Park) N/A N/A
Rougarou (roller coaster) GA GA Completed by Astros4477
Acrobat (roller coaster) N/A N/A
Thunderbird (Holiday World) N/A C
Oblivion: The Black Hole N/A Stub
Baron 1898 N/A Start
Fury 325 N/A B
Mako (roller coaster) N/A Start
Valravn (roller coaster) N/A C
Other Articles
Stand-up roller coaster Start Start
Inverted roller coaster Start Start
Flying roller coaster Start Start
Hypercoaster Start Start
Dive Coaster GA GA Completed by Dom497
Wing Coaster GA GA Completed by Dom497
Floorless Coaster GA GA Completed by Dom497


Below are key points regarding changes/milestones of this operation. Dates of when specific articles were promoted should not be included unless promoted to Featured Article status.

April 2013: Nitro (Adlabs Imagica) added.

May 2013: 25% complete.

June 2013: Unknown Heide Park roller coaster added; SheiKra promoted to Featured Article status.

August 2013: Banshee (roller coaster) added; Heide Park Wing Coaster article created.

September 2013: 50% complete.


Collaboration of the month was originally a part of WikiProject Roller Coasters. An attempt at a relaunch under WikiProject Amusement Parks occurred in December 2012.

Date Article Project Class at start Class at end Number of edits
January 2008 Arrow Dynamics WikiProject Roller Coasters Start B 11
February 2008 Roller coaster WikiProject Roller Coasters B B N/A
December 2012 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts WikiProject Amusement Parks Start N/A N/A