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Introduction should summarise briefly the article so as to provide a spiralling out effect. That is, cover little of the article for the introduction which then the article goes onto cover more. Refer to the Wikipedia:Manual of Style.

Rugby league in England achieved good status and can be used as a model.

History (Compulsory)[edit]

The most important aspect. All nations that have or are playing, have a history.

National team (Compulsory)[edit]

This is compulsory as every nation should at least have or have had a national team. If it does not or never did, the article is questionable at best. In this case, mention that no team has ever represented the nation.

Competitions (Compulsory)[edit]

Summarise competitions (history, teams etc.) and link to relevant articles. If articles do not exist for the separate competitions, either one of two things can be done:

  1. Store all information about the competition under this section
  2. Create the relevant articles and link

Demographics (Optional)[edit]

In nations for which rugby league is a popular sport, a demographics section should be written, if not when the article is created, then eventually. It should give a good idea of what type of people play rugby league and where it is played. Use your imagination when talking about demographics (e.g. sex, race, location).

Culture (Optional)[edit]

Only necessary in cases where rugby league has a noticeable impact on the culture of a nation such as Australia and PNG. In these countries, especially in Australia it forms a large part of modern pop culture in NSW and QLD. In PNG, its slightly different, its the most followed sport and has been said to have a much more tribal-like culture attached to it. It is expected a general rugby football culture article will be written. References may be made to this article where appropriate.