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Welcome to the Tuva task force of WikiProject Russia!


Articles related to Tuva's people, history, culture, etc.

Article alerts[edit]

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If you haven't already done so, please also add your name to the members list of our parent WikiProject at Wikipedia:WikiProject_Central_Asia/Participants.

To Do list[edit]

  • Create task force stuff.
    • What I mean by this, modify the WP Central Asia banner so we could tag specific task force articles. I like what is done with the task forces on Template:WPMILHIST. The WPCA banner now takes "Tuva=yes" as an argument in order to add Category:Tuva task force to the article's talk page.
  • Get more people to participate.
  • Tag related articles.
  • Identify articles for creation
  • Identify articles for improvement
  • Review importance and quality of existing articles
  • Clean up Tuvan categories. (ie. some articles have redundant categories like Huun-Huur-Tu belonging to Category:Tuvan music and Category:Xoomii, which is a subcategory of Category:Tuvan music)
  • Clean up and consolidate articles related to Tuvan throat singing.

Requested articles[edit]

*Por-Bazhyn - Also spelled Por-Bajin, but that's not correct cyrillic transliteration. Images: Media:Uyghur_fortress.jpg and Media:Por-bajin.Bird_view.jpg