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WikiProject SUNY


WikiProject SUNY is dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of articles related to the State University of New York. If you would like to help, please add your name to the list of participants below—we are happy to have your help!


Announcements Announcements

22:06, 8 October 2010 (UTC)
Created Collins Observatory—please review! –DanielPenfield (talk · contribs)

09:21, 13 August 2010 (UTC)
Hello! We hope you will join us. Currently we are in great need of making all articles in Category:State University of New York a part of WikiProject SUNY! Just add {{WikiProject SUNY}} to the top of the talk page! –Adavis444 (talk · contribs)

23:01, 25 June 2010 (UTC)
Welcome all and thanks to User:Adavis444 for kicking this off! –DanielPenfield (talk · contribs)


How can I contribute to this project How can I contribute to this project?

Articles may be found in the following categories:


Assessment and maintenance Assessment and maintenance

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Important Notes Important Notes

  • For all universities (community colleges included), include {{Infobox university|name=|established=|city=}} with at least the |name=, |established=, and |city= parameters filled in. If it is a SUNY university, please add {{SUNY}} at the bottom of the page.
  • On the talk pages, for all universities (SUNY establishments included), please add {{WikiProject Universities|class=}} to the top and fill in the appropriate class of the article if known. For SUNY universities, also include {{WikiProject New York|class=|importance=|SUNY=Yes|SUNY-importance=}} and fill in the appropriate class and importance of the article if known. Otherwise, please leave them blank.
  • For documentation on the templates discussed, you can visit the template pages in the order presented at Template:Infobox university, Template:SUNY, Template:WikiProject Universities.


Participants Participants

Welcome to the list of participants! Please edit this page and add your name at the end of the table before the |} as follows:

Where USERNAME is your username on Wikipedia and INFO is some information on your goals and how you plan to contribute or some background information. Thank you for joining us!

Active participants[edit]

  1. Sjones23 (talk · contribs) - 2011-11-02, Student at SUNY Buffalo, intending to update several articles and get SUNY Buffalo article to Good Article status
  2. Adavis444 (talk · contribs) - 2010-06-25, Student at SUNY Binghamton, hoping to more firmly establish this WikiProject and begin preliminary assessments of relevant pages
  3. DanielPenfield (talk · contribs) - 2010-06-25, Expand coverage of the community colleges
  4. SummerWillow (talk · contribs) - 2012, Student; update and expand information on Stony Brook University
  5. AlaskanNativeRU (talk · contribs) - 2017-10-10, ensuring accuracy of universities and colleges.

Inactive participants[edit]

  1. Racepacket (talk · contribs) - Last Edit Fabruary 2012, Indef blocked from editing
  2. Buffalofan4255 (talk · contribs) - 2011-03-15, Student at SUNY Buffalo, Majoring in Business and minoring in computer science. Hoping to gain a greater background of wikipedia. - Last Edit August 2011

Click [edit] to the right to add your name! The instructions will appear at the top.

You can also add the userbox {{User WikiProject SUNY}} to your userpage!

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To do list To do list

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

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