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Welcome to WikiProject SVG! This is a brand new project that I'm hoping will catch on...
If you would like to join, feel free to let me know!

  • to make Wikipedia a more visually appealing place
  • to provide Wikipedia with high-quality vector graphics
  • to upload sourced logos—Brands of the World is not a good source—to Wikipedia's articles
  • to have fun? You decide. Lamest bullet point ever.

To add a gaussian blur to an SVG file (to create blurred objects, or a drop shadow), you can add this code into the existing XML code for the SVG file...

<filter id="Gaussian_Blur">
<feGaussianBlur in="SourceGraphic" stdDeviation="3" />

Where stdDeviation="3" is the amount of blur. Then, add the following text into the object you are trying to add a blur to...



What is a reliable source for a logo? Brands of the World is not a reputable source. I have seen multiple incorrect or traced logos of companies uploaded to Wikipedia. I believe in properly sourced logos, and convert most of my logos from PDF files found on Google.


Wikipedia currently uses librsvg 2.14 to convert your uploaded SVGs to PNGs. If you're on Windows, there's a guide to getting it here if you'd like to test your SVGs out in it before uploading them (rsvg is fairly buggy so you could upload a perfect SVG file and find out that it doesn't work after Wikipedia puts it through rsvg).

For the future, when Wikipedia will hopefully support SVGs properly, or at least get a less buggy converter, you should test in the best quality SVG renderer. Right now, these are the Opera browser and the Batik renderer - you can see an up-to-date support chart here if you want to keep informed on what renderer to use.