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Welcome to the Sailor Moon task force, a task force that aims to organize, expand, clean up, and guide Sailor Moon-related articles on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, you can simply start by editing any Sailor Moon pages, or join the task force below and/or contribute to the discussion on the talk page. Be sure to check out the to-do list below for some of the ongoing tasks.

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Sailor Moon is a Japanese media franchise. It began as a monthly serialized manga (52 chapters), then adapted to an anime (five series and three feature films), and spawned dozens of home and arcade video games, toys, clothing, mugs, keychains, action figures, wall scrolls, and other merchandise. Sailor Moon has been translated into dozens of languages in many countries.

All information should be based on the original versions. Mainly, this will mean the Japanese versions (though at least one video game will refer to the English version), as well as the most recent English versions. Because there are so many, no single English adaptation can be used as the English version. Besides the out-of-print adaptations, there are at least two English anime dubs and two companies doing the manga. It would be inappropriate to pick any single distribution company over another.

The scope of the task force will extend to include the manga, anime, video games merchandise. More specifically, the task force will include:

  • The manga, television anime, feature films, video games, music;
  • The Sailor Moon universe in general;
  • Individual characters and other elements;
  • Use of mythology, geology, and other inspirations within the series;
  • Sailor Moon as a cultural phenomenon; and
  • English language adaptation of the metaseries.

While not specifically part of the task force (as such articles are not focused on Sailor Moon), the following topics should be looked into as well:

  • Cast, crew, distribution companies, production companies of Sailor Moon related items.

Our scope does not include:

  • Fanfiction and fan culture;
  • Dōjinshi;
  • Any other form of speculation; and
  • Works with only a passing reference to Sailor Moon.


As this task force falls under the scope of the anime and manga WikiProject, the guidelines for anime and manga related articles can be found at Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Anime- and manga-related articles.

In addition to the usual policies and guidelines, please make sure you understand the specific guidelines related to anime and manga-related articles. Also make sure you are familiar with:

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Even if not directly Sailor Moon-related, the following WikiProjects that may contain useful advice and information that you can use:


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Ultimate goals[edit]

  • Create a well-organized corner of Wikipedia that is not ridiculed by the rest of the Internet
  • Gradually increase the quality of each section
  • Present the best and most accurate coverage of the series known as Sailor Moon to the world, to the best of our ability.
  • Bring numerous articles to Good Article, Featured Article, and/or Featured List status.


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See also Category:Sailor Moon.

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After adding the bit to the end, it should look something like this. Each article is assessed differently in terms of importance and class (Not shown here as this is an example) so not all will be the same there.

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