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The current Salem Witch Trials Task Force collaboration is Salem Witch Trials please help bring this article to (at least) a GA status. Below you can recommenced an article for the next collaboration.

Current Nominations[edit]

Article Name: Martah Corey

Current Status: Major inaccuracy.

Martha was not know as Mary Corey, and Martha and Mary were not buried in any marked graves. Have added a discussion of it. It's almost as if someone saw the Mary Corey gravestone in the Charter Street Cemetery, and decided to come to thier own conclusions. I was a tour guide in Salem for ten years, and have a vast knowledge of the witchcraft trials, so perhaps I could help this task force fulfill it's goals.

Article name: Salem witch trials

Current status: Good Article

Isn't it about time to get this article up the Featured Article status??? Ogram (talk) 15:00, 4 August 2009 (UTC)