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For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and the Guide to WikiProjects.


This WikiProject is designed to organize, improve the quality, and provide accurate information on communities in Saskatchewan with help from community-driven Wikipedia editors and members of the Saskatchewan communities WikiProject. Articles include cities, towns, villages, hamlets, rural municipalities, neighbourhoods, Indian reserves, etc.

Scope and Motivation Scope and motivation[edit]

  • To enhance articles like Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina, Qu'Appelle and Fort Qu'Appelle.
  • To start and enhance articles on smaller towns that wouldn't have the chance otherwise.
  • To start and enhance articles on neighbourhoods all across the province.
  • To start and enhance articles on RMs all across the province.
  • To start and enhance articles on Indian reserves all across the province.

Showcase selected articles[edit]

Portal Saskatchewan Selected Communities has been established to showcase the finer Saskatchewan communities articles. Instructions for portal additions. As an article is adopted, please add community articles of better quality to this section. It would be awesome, if all at some time would be feature articles or good articles.


If you want to become a member, please put at the bottom of the list with a # beside your name and the date you joined. You may also post where you are from and the departments that interest you within this WikiProject.

  1. Fishhead2100, joined June 17, 2007, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan now residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Interests in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Red Deer Hill, small town Saskatchewan, and Prince Albert neighbourhoods.
  2. SriMesh, joined June 17, 2007, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - interests of Saskatchewan, and Saskatoon neighborhoods.
  3. Ultraflame, joined June 17, 2007
  4. JoeyETS, joined July 6, 2007
  5. Realc, joined August 3, 2007
  6. Fremte, joined 12 Aug 2007. Most interested in geography and history of geography of (mostly) Northern Sask. I may get into communties and Reserves also.
  7. Drm310, joined 20 Sep 2007. Originally from Regina, now residing in Saskatoon. Mostly interested in Saskatoon and its neighbourhoods, will likely expand that to include Regina as well.
  8. Edofedinburgh, joined 28 Sep 2007. Wife from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, interested in ghost towns in Saskatchewan.
  9. Mitchazenia - Joined 22 Oct 2007. Interested in the northern areas of Saskatchewan.Mitch32contribs 23:57, 22 October 2007 (UTC)
  10. Leafschik1967 - Joined 4 Nov 2007. Eastern SK along the Yellowhead.
  11. Presidentman (talk) - Joined 24 Feb 2008. USA
  12. Bohunk8283 - will try and add small towns and R.M.'s of Saskatchewan
  13. M@sk - Joined 15 July 2008. Saskatoon
  14. Hero122 - Joined 17 June 2008 Stirling, Alberta - interested in Saskatchewan ghost towns, hamlets and small towns.
  15. HMman, joined Oct 19, 2011. Interested in Canwood, Saskatchewan and surrounding RMs.
  16. Tyanc13and7 (talk · contribs) Happy to help! Joined, September 13 2015, Interested in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan (town) and Ghost Towns.
  17. *Cowman_133 (talk · contribs) Joined April 20, 2017. Plan to work on getting updated info into Saskatoon neighbourhood pages.

If a user has an asterisk (i.e. *) in front of their name, it denotes this user does not wish to receive the monthly newsletter.


If you edit or start any of the articles within this WikiProject, but don't want to join or join at a future date, than please sign the guestbook. Please put at the bottom of the list with a # beside your name. You may also add a comment if you like.


This template was created with help from standards set by Wikipedia:WikiProject Cities and WikiProject Biography. Just follow these 11 easy steps to producing at least a B article

  • Create an outline for the Saskatchewan article you started or selected from the Articles needed listing:
    • Add {{subst:Saskatchewan Communities}} into your article page and save.
    • Fill in the sections for your chosen Saskatchewan Community and save.
    • Add the appropriate WP templates and ratings to the talk page.
  • A Location map for Saskatchewan has been created, so the placename coordinates for new places are added to the template, and no need to upload a new image map for each place...see Simpson for an example of its use.

Structure guidelines[edit]

A complete article about a Canadian community should have the following elements and sections:

Infobox - {{Infobox Settlement}}
Lead - Context (what and where), summary of the article, total population, name origin, see also Wikipedia:Lead section
  1. History - Historic events, incorporation history²
  2. Geography - Geographic setting, geographical features, climate, communities/neighbourhoods
  3. Demographics - Use Canada 2011 Census data where available (2011 Census Profiles)
  4. Economy - Dominant industries, agriculture if applicable, major employers
  5. Arts and culture - Cultural venues, festivals and significant cultural events
  6. Attractions - Museums and other points of interest, parks (local, regional, provincial parks), recreation venues
  7. Sports - Sport teams and significant athletic events
  8. Government - Governing body (council, mayor)², administrative bodies, political representation, police and crime, military facilities
  9. Infrastructure - Transportation, utilities, health care, amenities
  10. Education - Schools, colleges, responsible organizations
  11. Media¹ - Local newspapers, TV, and radio stations
Other topics may include sister cities, notable people
12. See also - Related wikipedia articles, if not already detailed in other sections
13. References - Citations per Verifiability, see Citing sources, use {{reflist}}, also books and further external sources
14. External links - Official link of the community only, be aware of Wikipedia:External links
15. Footers - The following optional entries per wp:Footers:
Geo box - optional, use {{Geographic Location}}
Navigational box(es) - see available templates, only relevant navigational boxes, be aware of Wikipedia:Avoid template creep
Coordinates - use {{Coord|display=title|region:CA_type:city}} to geo-tag articles
Categories - don't over-categorize
Stub tags - for new sketchy pages that should be subsequently expanded, see available tags
¹ For larger cities, this should be little more a link to a separate "Media of City" article. This section should only list media which are locally based.
² For incorporated places only

Tips Tips[edit]

To get an article to featured article status, make sure to follow these steps to ensure all articles we submit to Featured article candidates meet the FA criteria. All of these apply to almost any good article, so keep them in mind when editing even outside of Saskatchewan articles. The suggestions are:

I. Write a good lead. Be sure to write a lead that concisely summarizes the entire article into one or two paragraphs which make sense to someone who may know nothing about the subject.
II. Use good spelling and grammar. This is a very important aspect of an article. Many browsers support spell checking.
III. Use footnotes. Take advantage of the footnote ability Wikipedia has, instead of including html links inside the context include them as footnotes. See Wikipedia:Footnotes on how to use them.
IV. Use images if possible. Images enhance articles greatly, but only use them when they are necessary, and ensure that their copyright status has been specified and we are allowed to use it on Wikipedia. See Wikipedia:Images for more information.
V. Use references. This is an encyclopedia, so remember to include a ==References== section listing websites, newspapers, articles, books and other sources you used to write the article. An article will not get accepted as a featured article candidate if it is missing references. See Wikipedia:Verifiability, Wikipedia:Cite_sources and Wikipedia:References.
VI. Stay on topic. Many articles are criticized for length; sticking to the subject matter helps eliminate this.
VI. Keep it simple. Remember that the average reader should be able to comprehend the erudition. Although you should use a broad vocabulary of regular, non-technical terms, do not provide such a quantity of locutions as to impel those who aspire to derive serviceable information from the article to consult a dictionary.
VII. Use common sense. You should know what perfect articles look like. They cover everything they should without going on forever. Common sense could have told you almost all of the items mentioned above. Ultimately, assume good faith,be bold, and go out there and write some good Saskatchewan community articles.


Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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