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Lead para[edit]

  • Include Infobox with a map.
  • Summarise the article with a brief mention of each section per WP:MOS.
  • Include Gaelic name if appropriate and note location of island and/or island group.
  • Note that Haswell-Smith's name derivations (e.g. Uist) are not always corroborated by other researchers. Pàrlamaid na h-Alba placenames, for example is worth checking for alternatives.
  • Write/edit it last when you are satisfied the rest of the article is up-to-scratch.


Ecclesiastical connections: Many islets have had hermits, or saints' dedications.
Shipwrecks: Many islands have at least one shipwreck.
Transport links
Attractions (if not already mentioned)
Population (details of former and current)
Prominent residents or natives. These should of course be referenced.
Media/Arts. If appropriate add genuinely relevant info, but avoid trivia e.g.
'Barra' is the name of six-dimensional werewolf in the novel 'X'.
However, "The novel These Demented Lands by Alan Warner is partly set on the island." is fine.

Note that some GA reviewers may have their own ideas about section ordering. This makes consistency across the project hard to achieve.

See also[edit]

Most neighbouring islands etc. will already be mentioned in the text, but there may be something relevant to add.


Maximise in-line references. A GA needs specific page numbers (from August 07).

External Links[edit]

Avoid link spam.


Appropriate categories and templates

Talk page[edit]

Add {{WP:Scotland|class=|importance=}} banner at top.

Other assistance[edit]

Undertake a peer review This could be by asking a member(s) of the project team take a look at it. You can also use:


See also

References Cheatsheet[edit]

Feel free to add some.


GA reviewers have requested:

area rank: <ref>{{Haswell-Smith|502-03. Modified to include bridged islands}}</ref>
population <ref name=GRO>General Register Office for Scotland (28 November 2003) ''[ Occasional Paper No 10: Statistics for Inhabited Islands]''. Retrieved 22 Jan 2011.</ref>
population rank= <ref name = Census/>
references=<ref>Infobox reference is {{Haswell-Smith|xx-xx. unless otherwise stated}}</ref>
<ref name=Smith>{{Haswell-Smith | nn-mm}}</ref> appears as "Haswell-Smith, Hamish (2004). The Scottish Islands. Edinburgh: Canongate, nn-mm. ISBN 1841954543."
<ref>{{Gaelic Placenames}}</ref> (Files are labelled A-B, C-E, F-J, K-O and P-Z but page numbers are available.
<ref name=OS>{{cite map| url=| title=Get-a-map| publisher=[[Ordnance Survey]]}}</ref>


Standard GA practice is now to request that the full book reference is located in a bibliography and the inline citation uses the name, date and page no per FAs. Don't expect any consistency regarding what the sections are to be called.

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Web sources[edit]

Ravenna Cosmography for a discussion of possible Roman names for islands.