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If you would like to participate, add yourself to the members section of this page.

You can help out by editing a Scouting or Guiding-related article, improving our current collaboration of the week (at right), helping to complete a task on our to-do list, or contributing to the discussion on one of our related talk pages. If you would like some suggestions, just ask on the talk page.

If you find a Scouting or Guiding-related article without our template, please place our template {{WikiProject Scouting}} at the top of the talk page. You can also add this to the talk page of images, categories, and templates.

If you find a Scouting or Guiding-related article without our infobox or portal tag, please place our portal tag, {{portal|Scouting}}, in the "See also" section of the article. This will advertise our portal and make it easy to navigate to.

If you find a Scouting or Guiding-related stub article that has not yet been marked as a stub, add {{Scout-stub}} to the bottom of the article. It will automatically be included in the Scouting stubs category, where you can find plenty of stub articles to expand if you are itching to do something.

Put a project-related userbox on your user page, especially the project member userbox.