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WikiProject Japan (Talk)

Founded: 18 March 2006
(11 years, 11 months and 6 days ago)
Articles: 60,894 (154 featured)



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Project parentage

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to try and raise the caliber of the information on Shinto in Wikipedia. Only a few articles exist for increasing Wikipedia's knowledge content on Shinto, and this needs to be fixed.


(UTC) Probably wont be able to help much, but I'll do the most I can.

You can add the following userbox to your user page if you wish. To do so, add {{User Shinto}} to your user page, which will add the following userbox:

Kitsune head.jpg This user is a member of the WikiProject Japan Shinto task force.


This WikiProject aims to improve the quality and quantity of information about Shinto, its Kami, and its notable figures on Wikipedia.

Ways to complete our Goal[edit]

  1. Create more quality articles on Shinto, its Kami, and its notable figures.
  2. Create more sub-categories to the category of Shinto so that all aspects of Shinto are easily accessible.
  3. Add quality information to Shinto related stubs.
  4. Attract attention from editors interested in Shinto and Shinto-related topics.
  5. Assess our articles with the Assessment department.
  6. One way to attract more attention is to add the "shinto=yes" parameter to the {{WikiProject Japan}} template on the Talk page of appropriate articles: {{WikiProject Japan|shinto=yes}}.
  7. Add all articles that fall within the scope of this project to the Wikipedia:WikiProject Shinto/Articles list.
  8. Check recent changes for recent improvements, other changes, or vandalism to these articles.
  9. Check Category:Shinto articles needing attention for articles requiring immediate attention.
  10. Consult Wikipedia:WikiProject Japan/Shinto task force/Encyclopedic articles, or other reference works, to see what articles relevant to this topic they contain, the relative amount of space and thus importance they consider those articles to have, and use that information to help us develop any articles we may still be missing, as well as to perhaps help decide where content might best be placed.


Follow the guidelines for naming shrines and temples, part of the Manual of Style for Japan-related articles.

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