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Welcome to WikiProject South Africa, a collaborative effort to improve coverage on South Africa and the organisation of information and articles on this topic. If you know of any active editors who have contributed to South Africa related articles or related WikiProjects, please refer them to this project. Everyone is welcome!

This WikiProject is part of the WikiProject Africa and aims primarily to help coordinate and improve pages on South Africa, History of South Africa and South Africans. We are associated with the Wikimedia South Africa chapter. This national not-for-profit was created to promote the interests of Wikimedia projects within South Africa.

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Use {{lang}}, for marking up non-English words or phrases:

  • {{lang|af|Afrikaans phrase}}
  • {{lang|nr|South Ndebele phrase}}
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  • {{lang|st|Southern Sotho phrase}}
  • {{lang|ss|Swati phrase}}
  • {{lang|tn|Tswana phrase}}
  • {{lang|ve|Venda phrase}}
  • {{lang|xh|Xhosa phrase}}
  • {{lang|zu|Zulu phrase}}

See List of ISO 639-1 codes for more language codes.


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