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WikiProject South Sudan
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Welcome to the South Sudan WikiProject, a WikiProject dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of South Sudan. South Sudan became a country on July 9, 2011 at 00:00 local time, and this WikiProject serves to improve Wikipedia's coverage of this new country.

Current Tasks[edit]

The biggest projects right now in getting the WikiProject started involve getting any South Sudan items still categorized under Sudan over to the South Sudan category instead. We also have to update the maps with the new division of the countries, and ensure that any existing categories get moved properly as well. When these important tasks are generally completed, further tasks on the individual pages themselves will come to light and we can get the ball rolling on improving articles themselves.

Recognised content[edit]

Things to do[edit]

This is a list of open tasks. Feel free to add to any of the lists or remove requests when they are completed. For other requests, please leave a note on the talk page.

Expansion needed[edit]

The following is a small selection of particularly tiny stubs from Category:Stub-Class South Sudan articles. Any text you can add to expand these stubs is greatly appreciated. The aim is to get all of these stubs to Start class articles:




  • User:EthanKP - I will help with coverage of war in South Sudan
  • Mar4d - will be a short-term contributor. I've started some basic categories and the Template:South Sudan topics which still requires expansion, over the course of time.
  • CycloneGU - I created the WikiProject page and thus am also a short-term contributor to help get the WikiProject started. Over the long-term, I don't think I'll be active for the duration of...well, you get what I mean.
  • katarighe - short term
  • Dodger67 - also joining to help with getting the show on the road.
  • Kintetsubuffalo
  • Sundostund
  • Wiki Raja - interested in newly formed countries and those in the making...
  • Norvegia suecica - Will try to help with what I can.
  • Blackwarrior - aviation-related articles (airports, scheduled air service, etc.).
  • Oakley77 - Always passionate and interested in new countries and in potential ones...
  • Pharaoh of the Wizards


Members are encouraged to add the following userbox to their talk pages.

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  • Additionally, this template can be connected to that for WikiProject Africa; using {{WikiProject Africa|importance=mid |class=b|South Sudan=yes|South Sudan-importance=Top}}, for example, will give this:
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Feel free to add details on good articles, future featured articles, and resources here.

Also feel free to check Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Sudan articles by quality statistics for other pages still categorized under Sudan that should be moved to this category. When all such related moving is completed, go ahead and remove this line. Note that the table does not update immediately, but rather daily.

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