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Add this userbox to your userpage with: {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Spaceflight/Userbox}}. The template will add your userpage to Category:WikiProject Spaceflight members If you choose to place the userbox on a sub-page of your userpage, and wish to be added to the category, use {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Spaceflight/Userbox|addsubpage=yes}}


By default, the template will randomly display one of six images representative of spaceflight. You can specify one image to always appear by adding "|image=x" at the end of the template, where x is the number of the image. So to display image 1, use {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Spaceflight/Userbox|image=1}}, and so forth. The "custom_image" parameter can be used to specify any other image, by entering its file name without the "File:" prefix. Setting "image=0" will display an animation scrolling through each image.