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WikiProject Spirits has a lot of assessing to do to know where we stand in terms of quality and importance of articles. There may also be many articles within the scope of WikiProject Spirits, but have not been identified as such. Currently, our assessment status is as follows:

- Quality assessed Quality unassessed
Importance assessed 478 0
Importance unassessed 439 466

That means we have a total of 2 * 478 + 439 = 1395 assessments in total and 2 * 466 + 439 = 1371 assessments available to do. The goal of the drive will be to do at least that many assessments by the end of September. Because it is not even roughly known how many articles are currently in scope but not marked as in scope, To do fun things as keeping score, we need a bot, which is not yet available. The bot should be responsible of keeping track of how many assessments each person has done, and how many articles are added to the scope of the WikiProject for bonus points.

A quality assessment is worth 1 point, an importance assessment is worth 1 point and placing an article within the scope of the WikiProject 3 points. That brings the maximum of points per article to 5.

As is customary with these kinds of fun and games, having your additions tracked is on an opt-in basis. If you would like to participate in the assessment drive, please sign your name on Wikipedia:WikiProject Spirits/Assessment Drives/September 2013/Participants with {{user|your username}}