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Spoken Wikipedia
Recording process


Don't be afraid to ask for Help!

When you've made your recording, and are ready to upload, go to the upload page on Wikimedia Commons.

Step 1: Choose the filename

The filename must be prefixed by "En-" to show that the recording is in English. Followed by the article title in canonicalized form. Finally the suffix "-article" plus the ogg extension.

Example: En-Sample_lemma-article.ogg

Step 2: Fill out the template

Copy and paste the following template, and fill in the appropriate information. If you're unsure of what to say in each field, look below.

{{English spoken article

{{cc-by-sa-3.0}} <!-- This is the license tag.  Please leave the license selector blank.  
Your recording is a derivative work that must be released under the same license as the Wikipedia article you read.-->

Categories and the information template will be added automatically by using this template.


Example of a correctly filled upload form on Commons.
  • title refers to the title of the actual article.
(e.g., Sample)
  • user_name_link should be a link to your Wikipedia user page.
(e.g., [[:en:User:John Q. Public|John Q. Public]])
  • date is the date the article was recorded on, in the YYYY-MM-DD format.
(e.g., 2013-04-15)
(e.g. Californian English)
  • sex is the sex of the narrator, use either 'f' or 'm' for female or male.
(e.g. m)
  • link_to_recorded_version should be a link to the revision that was read. See this page for a detailed guide.

For multiple-part recordings

For multiple-part recordings

In addition, if the recording is broken up into a number of parts, you need to add a line or two to let listeners navigate to:

a) the first recorded part of the article, in case they start somewhere in the middle, and
b) the next recorded part of the article, once they've listened to the current part.

The following should be added just below the "|sex=" line:

  • For each part except the first (there's no need for the first file to link to itself), add "|first_part=En-Sample_1ofx-article.ogg".
  • For each part except the last (since there would be no "next file" after the last), add "|next_part=En-Sample_xofx-article.ogg".


An example of what this will display is shown here:

Upload Spoken Wikipedia displayed.png

Step 3: Upload the file

Uploaded files can be no larger than 100mb. If your recording is larger than this, you will need to split it into multiple parts.

When the upload is finished and the image page appears, it's a good idea to add the page to your watch-list, as reviews and discussion of your recording will be put there. Click on the "Watch" tab at the top of the page to do this.