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Welcome to WikiProject Squatting! Feel free to get involved whether you are a beginner or an experienced editor.

The goal of this project is to improve Wikipedia's coverage of squatting - the occupation without permission of abandoned or unoccupied buildings or land. It has been estimated that there are one billion squatters worldwide, roughly one in every seven human beings. The project covers all articles about squats, including individual projects plus the legal and cultural aspects of squatting.


Recently created articles[edit]



Slum housing in Romania


Nepali slum in Bhutan
Shacks in Paro, Bhutan


Extended content
Exterior of building
Self-managed Hotel Bauen in Argentina 2006
self-built housing
The Katanga Slum in Uganda
Houses on hill
Treasure Hill in Taiwan, 2011
The West Point slum in Liberia, 2013
A shack in Namibia
Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria
Honka in Ukraine
Barricades at the Piersonstraat in Nijmegen
Slum housing in Serbia
Favela in Nova Friburgo, Brazil
Rog (factory) in Slovenia


Extended content


Extended content


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