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WikiProject St. Louis


Welcome to the WikiProject page for St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding Metropolitan Area. These pages allow better collaboration for those interested in contributing to the St. Louis article series on Wikipedia. Please feel free to browse; we would be happy if you would contribute!


Announcements Announcements

New Featured Content

Two lists were recently promoted to featured list status: List of Nobel Laureates affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis and List of St. Louis MetroLink stations. --Millbrooky (talk) 02:15, 9 November 2008 (UTC)

Project Creation

Welcome to the newly created St. Louis WikiProject. I hope the design is to everyone's satisfaction, I based it on WikiProject Columbia and WikiProject Mizzou. Please feel free to join by adding your name to the right.Grey Wanderer | Talk 19:09, 31 December 2007 (UTC)


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How can I contribute to this project How can I contribute to this project ?

If you are reading this, then you probably know something about St. Louis. . . we welcome your contributions! If you're new to Wikipedia, have a look at the following:

If you're looking for something to do involving the St. Louis article series, there's a list of articles to the right. Also, look for tags such as {{cleanup}} and {{unreferenced}} to guide your contributions to the article series. Finally, if you're a good photographer, have a look at the image requests below.

And remember, always provide sources for your edits.


Articles Things to do for the St. Louis WikiProject

This area is for contributions to managing the St. Louis article series. To contribute content to St. Louis articles, please see the "to-do" list to the right.

  • Neighborhoods of St. Louis is going to get an overhaul, all the individual neighborhood pages need infoboxes, pictures, maps, and all that other stuff. Please consider picking one and expanding it. DaronDierkes (talk) 08:17, 16 April 2008 (UTC)


Project goals project goals

Current goal

Organize and collect all Wikipedia pages relating to St. Louis in order to:

  1. encourage members interested in contributing/editing St. Louis articles to work through these pages, so we can combine our efforts
  2. make all St. Louis pages accessible through this page using category listings, so the entire scope is visible to everyone
  3. make all article to-do lists and tasks available from one place, so contributors can choose their area of specialty
  4. centralize information/image/edit requests for all St. Louis series pages, so requests can be publicized and quickly fulfilled

Intermediate goal

Bring St. Louis article series to a respectable standard, where information about the city is reliable and of sufficient scope

Ultimate goal

Bring the St. Louis, Missouri article to featured article status.


Images Image Requests

Category:Wikipedia requested photographs in St. Louis


Images Available images

Click HERE to see/edit a gallery of images available for use in St. Louis articles


Assessment Assessment

Article assessment statistics

Table of articles

Explanation of article grading system


Templates in Use Templates in the St. Louis series


You can add the userbox below to your userpage by typing: {{User WikiProject St. Louis}}. This will also add you to the Category:WikiProject St. Louis participants.

Flag of St. Louis, Missouri.svg
This user is a member of
WikiProject St. Louis
  {{User WikiProject St. Louis}}

You can also add:

Flag of St. Louis, Missouri.svg
This user hails from the
St. Louis, Missouri Area.
  {{User St. Louis, Missouri}}


This template should be placed on all article talk pages in the St. Louis article series; doing so will automatically add the article to the category Category:St. Louis articles.


This can be added to a user's talk page to invite him/her to the St. Louis WikiProject.


This is the main template for the St. Louis City series, and should be added to the main page of all STL-related articles non-biographical in nature.
This is the main template for the St. Louis Metropolitan Area series, and should be added to the main page of all STL Metro-related articles non-biographical in nature.

Other Navboxes


Participants project participants

Anyone who can assist in developing the article series, please add your name:

  • Astuishin (talk · contribs) -Student (Washington U), interested in St. Louis History, Architecture, and Geography
  • Elonka (talk · contribs) - St. Charles resident, interested in St. Louis history and biographies
  • Davidkevin (talk · contribs), born in St. Louis City, raised in both St. Louis City and County, with children in St. Louis Public Schools. History; demographics; some aspects of south-side culture; plus a casual interest in other subjects.
  • Gamer83 (talk · contribs) -Downtown St. Louis Resident, interested in St. Louis History, Architecture, Culture, Rebirth, and Geography
  • Joncnunn (talk · contribs) - Duel Resident of Maryland Heights, MO & Jefferson City, MO, interested in History, Transportation, and census data.
  • Jdcaust (talk · contribs) - Transplant from Kansas City, now residing in St. Louis, tied there by both school and wife, interested in the universities and colleges of the area.
  • Discordanian (talk · contribs) - Transplant from elsewhere, now living in Webster Groves. I'm a big fan of urban renewal, and enjoy downtown and the loop a great deal.
  • Bhockey10 (talk · contribs) - Transplant from elsewhere, now living in St. Louis County for years. Hockey player, sports management major, college student.
  • Avatarcourt (talk · contribs) - Marketing Specialist at MU, interested in St. Louis History, Architecture, Culture, Rebirth, and Geography.
  • ThinkBlue (talk · contribs) - Have visited St. Louis and have been interested in learning more about the city.
  • Kleosaphthiton (talk · contribs) - A born and bred St. Louisan and alumnus from Washington University, interested in downtown revitalization.
  • backvoods (talk · contribs) - Worked at America's Center and Edward Jones Dome for 8 years. I love "The Lou".
  • Alan.A.Mick (talk · contribs) - Long time, but not current, resident of the metropolitan St. Louis area, with a long family history in the area. I am interested in local history that may have genealogical significance.
  • alanasings (talk · contribs) - St. Louis (County) resident. I love studying about St. Louis neighborhoods
  • Cadastral (talk · contribs) - City resident and researcher specializing in public housing, transportation, public works, and suburbanization. My historical focus is mid-20th century. I have good working relationships with several local archives that can provide high quality images (many of which are public domain) from this time period. Feel free to ask me for an image for any STL-related article you'd like to work on; there's a good chance I can find one... esp. if the focus is between 1945-1970.
  • Brps311 (talk · contribs) - Resident of Southwest Gardens, almost on "the hill." I am interested in history and anything in the St. Louis Region. I have lived in various parts of St. Louis during my life.
  • schiml (talk · contribs) - St. Louis native & resident & am astonished that the article on the founding of StL has the wrong year.


Working Groups

St. Louis Working Groups:

Architecture  • Culture • Economy • Education • Geography • History • Landmarks • Media • Medicine • Music • Neighborhoods • Parks • Politics • Sports • Streets • Transportation • Utilities


Please feel free to sign up as a participant on the group page. You can assign an article to a working group by placing |wg=group name in the wikiproject banner on the article's talk page. See category WikiProject St. Louis working groups


Collaboration Current collaboration

This section attempts to focus members on one article in order to give it a concentrated effort at improvement.

Next period's nominees:

The Delmar Loop


Articles to work on

About this section . . .

The goal is to bring articles from the bottom of the list to the top of the list. Once an article reaches Stage 4, we can focus on bringing it to Stage 5: featured article quality. Click on the "to do" link beside each article to see its list of tasks. There is also a link to each article's talk page.

Stage 5: Featured articles

None yet . . .

Stage 4: Articles of adequate length needing expansion and/or improvement
Stage 3: Articles needing expansion, cleanup, and references
Stage 2.5: Articles that are painful to read and need improvement
Stage 2: Stubs and very short articles
Stage 1: Requests and ideas for future articles


CategoriesCategories of the St. Louis series

This section and its category listings serve to make all St. Louis pages accessible through this page, so the entire scope of the St. Louis series is visible to everyone. Please add pages to the correct category when appropriate.

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