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This group will focus on Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri!!


This will all be focused on the transportation and infrastructure in Greater St. Louis.This is where we edit extensively on all transportation-related St. Louis Articles. From steamboats to streetcars, this has to be done very well. Maybe even car manufacturing if we want. I also think that we should take the Route 66 articles that fall within the St. Louis metro area into our domain.


If you want to take part in this working group, feel free to add your name.

25 November 2009 (UTC)

Article Series[edit]

We should ensure that all of these articles are properly categorized and are the same as those in

We should also take an interest in the format for Category:Transportation in Missouri and Category:Transportation in Illinois


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There's also an offering on the table from China Airlines... or Air China... yikes... to set up a midwestern hub at Lambert. We should stay on top of that. We should also edit some subcategories for the airports in Greater St. Louis.


There have been some interest in the bridges of St. Louis. We will have to edit extensively for the proposed New Mississippi River Bridge and other bridges in the area.

Bike Trails[edit]

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There are some bike trails in Greater St. Louis. For an example the Madison County Transit trails system and the Green Rivers Greenway Project.


From steam engines to streetcars, this has to be done right for these articles. Incorporate some history about rail in the St. Louis Metro Area. For example, the former streetcar manufacturer: St. Louis Car Company.


Roads, streets, boulevards, avenues, parkways, and highways, should be covered with information, history, condition and mapping.It will be pretty difficult to cover this much distance in St. Louis, let alone the Greater St. Louis Area.

Public Transit[edit]

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no subcategories

The macro category for public transit was created in hopes of having articles on the Metro bus system, the upcoming loop trolley, the wash U shuttles, and the call-a-ride program. We're still flexible at this point though. We can hash our a plan on the talk page here.

Rail yards[edit]

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We really need to expand the article list in this category. Right now we have only one. There should be more.


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We need to create and edit the major streets of the St. Louis region.

Transit Centers[edit]

We will have to make the transit centers present in Greater St. Louis.


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We have to at least edit some tunnels in St. Louis, so we just need to find some links first.


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We have to edit some St. Louis viaducts.