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Things you can do (edit)
Things you can do

To qualify for sponsorship from Wikiproject Stagecraft, an article must:

1. Meet the Wikipedia standards for being an article.

Articles must be able to sustain enough content to deserve their own article. Some information may simply need to be amended to an existing article. Also, insure that not only the same article has already been created, but that a similar article has not been created under a different name (e.g. ERS, Ellipsoildal Reflecter Spotlight, Ellipsoildal, Profile Spot, etc.).

2. Be able to fit into the following categories:

Lighting, Audio, Carpentry, Props, Costumes, Rigging, or involve stagecraft organizaions, equipment manufacturers, notable tradesmen, industry standards, etc.

3. Not infringe copyrights

As like all Wikipedia articles, material that is protected by copyright is strictly prohibited. Do not copy images from other websites unless you have permission. Brandnames are accepted as fair use and are acceptable for use without permission. Please see the Wikimedia Commons for more information.

When writing and editing articles, keep the following things in mind:

  • WikiProject Stagecraft intends to be a resource for those outside of the trade as well as inside, so include information that is basic and explains the topic from "square one", and also include more detailed information that may be beneficial to stage workers and students.
  • Just because you may think something is the greatest thing in the world, but you shouldn't write your articles that way. Keep the nutrality of your articles by not using biased words, and including criticism if you can find any.