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Things you can do (edit)
Things you can do

This is a subpage to discuss anything related to Audio.

I can see a bit of overlap on some articles with the Professional sound production and Entertainment Technology WikiProjects, but I believe the Entertainment Technology project is pretty much inactive. Any ideas on pooling efforts? ICberg7 (talk) 02:20, 12 January 2008 (UTC)


  1. Expand and restructure Mixing console
  2. Expand Lighting control console
  3. Clear up Intelligent lighitng and Moving light. Include more than moving heads in "Intelligent lighting"

Expand Stubs for[edit]

  1. Makie
  2. Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW)
  3. Earthworks (Company)
  4. Røde Microphones
  5. Audio-Technica
  6. M-Audio
  7. Multicore cable -add lighting/power multi-core cable and more digital snakes
  8. Electro-Voice
  9. Sampson -Establish pages that are no-existent and expand stubs
  10. Behringer -Help to erase the neutrality tag
  11. Monaural
  12. XLR
  13. SM57
  14. SM58
  15. Sennheiser -Help to erase nentrality tag
  16. DJ mixer
  17. Electronic Theatre Controls

Clean Up Neutrality[edit]

  1. Behringer
  2. Sennheiser