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All of our current members can be found at Category:WikiProject Star Wars members. If you are interested, feel free to join! Just add your username to the list below and add the Userbox for project members, {{User Star Wars WikiProject}}, and your name will appear in Category:WikiProject Star Wars members. Watch for periodic roll calls on the talkpage. Keep on top of current events or debates on the discussion and things to do pages. Thanks!
20-13-rila Talk Hi! I like Star Wars and I'd be happy to help in any way I can. I am particularly specialised in the Legacy Era.
DarkLordAjuntaPall Talk Interested in improving the quality of articles related to the Old Republic (era), pre 3,500 BBY.
Adam in MO Talk I will do what I can, starting with assessments.
AfroThundr3007730 Talk Here to contribute.
Akiatu Talk Star Wars? Where!?!?!
Akjar13 Talk I focus on copyediting, countervandilism, and SWTOR.
Akshay b Patil Talk I like to focus Military Hardware,Star ship,etc.
AlexTheGrand Talk Mostly organises and categorises already Star Wars done pages
Altaïr Skywalker 47 Talk I'm a rookie to Wikipedia but I'm a pro in Wookiepedia. I'm from India.
Amccann421 Talk I've been active on Wikipedia for a few months. Most of my edits are copy edits, rewording, and expansion. However, I have a fairly good Star Wars knowledge, primarily the films and trivia (planets, characters, etc.). Willing to help with just about anything.
Andrew.Clemens Talk I like Star Wars a lot and I'd like to help any way I can. More into the older movies.
A-Spices YO! I am a true Star Wars Buff. P.S. I have met George Lucas.
BadWiidTino Talk New user and primarily interested in the video games, particularly data collection and verification of lists.
Calidum Talk Primarily interested in the films.
CanonLawJunkie (talk) Favourite movie: Star Wars III or VI. I'll focus on the music of Star Wars.
Charmchas Talk
Christian Historybuff Talk I am willing help where and when I can. I am part of a lot of projects and a lot of things in my personal life.
Chaz Talk
Colincbn Talk
Cyberstrike3000X Talk
Darth Nex Talk I am an avid Star Wars fan, and hope that I can assist in helping this project out.
DarthWyyrlok Talk I will fix and edit articles about Sith.
DarthSyne Talk I plan on using the best of my Star Wars knowledge to fix wayward articles.
Dmcl404 Talk I will help in anyway I can
DP76764 Talk
Evancahill Talk I'll help occasionally, when I'm not focused on nature and California, Southern California, or Santa Barbara County. Most of my Star Wars effort is focused on expanding coverage of the Clone Wars era.
EVula Talk Mostly inactive, just doing counter-vandalism work.
Firestorm Talk Grand Admiral of WikiProject Star wars
Fortdj33 Talk
FriyMan Talk 1. Knows everything about Clone Wars. 2. If doesn't know something about clone wars, check point 1.
Godisgood737 Talk
Greedo Talk Can answer 99.9% of questions have no fear I am here. Best on star wars history but also can answer on most else including vehicles and starships. Read a lot of books ranging from kids to young adult to adult. Have a great number of resources to use!
Gule123 Talk
Hadger Talk I am a huge Star Wars fan, and I know a lot about it, so I probably would be able to improve the Star Wars articles in a very good way.
Harry Blue5 Talk I'm a fan of Star Wars, and am hoping on boosting third-party references on some of the main characters' articles.
Helmut von Moltke Talk Specialist in Star Wars universe technology and weaponry
Helpusobi1 Talk I've been watching Star Wars since I was two. I am very interested in editing content on Star Wars video games and fleshing out the character pages within those video games.
HJ Mitchell Talk I'd like to get involved, and I'm willing to do what I can
igordebraga Talk Huge Star Wars fan, and a major contributor to the prequel trilogy articles.
Immortal Horrors or Everlasting Splendors Talk Huge fan.
Iune Talk
Jedi94 Talk Massive Star Wars fan, the name says it all. I have always become involved with Star Wars related pages, and would love do to more as a member of this project.
JediActor1998 Talk I have always been a hardcore Star Wars fan for a long time, as it is a part of my Top 10 interests. And as a fan, I would like to help out with the other fans on Wikipedia.
Jellyman Talk Improving articles, maintaining real world perspective, sorting out canon issues...
Jet'ika Talk Su cuy'gar! Huge Star Wars fan, I would love to get involved and help out in any way I can.
Jhenderson777 Talk Star Wars fan. I am going to be involved in majority of Star Wars related articles. Checking them out, making them better if I can and so on.
Jiklo1569 Talk Star Wars
Joshuaingram Talk Novels, facts, random stuff.
Kamek98 Talk I may not have the force, but I like to help out.
Kevinbrogers Talk This user is a huge fan, and would like to help out.
Kind Journalist Talk I have a pretty good general knowledge of Star Wars canon, including the Expanded Universe. Interested in helping how I can.
Konveyor Belt Talk Hi. I know a lot of Star Wars and want to help in any way I can.
Lukefan3 Talk The Force is strong with this user, and he will fix the killed articles. Down with the Emperor!
Leclaird Talk Strong with the Force this user is. Of great help he will be.
Maelstromlusby Talk I have been a Star Wars Geek since I was a little little kid. Just want to help out wherever possible, whether its sourcing and citing references or fighting to keep articles alive
Matthewrbowker Talk I am an Avid Star Wars Fan. I am also a cinematography nut.
MM You rang? There are things that i'll get into when you get the ball rolling and Star Wars is one of them. I have this giant thing called The Star Wars Essential chronology detailing from the formation of the Star Wars Universe up until Luke's Grandchildren are into a Universe threatening battle, at least I think those are the bounds, anyway, if you want me to help just gimme a ring-a-ding.
Mediran Talk
MisterShiney Talk Will do what I can, where I can. Do not underestimate the power of a user with too much time on his hands. Mythdon Talk Mossboss254 Mossboss254|talk I can help anywhere between 30 BBY to 60 ABY Nascarfans Talk This user is a mild Star Wars fan.
NerdyScienceDude Talk I enjoy the Star Wars movies. I mainly fight vandalism and assess articles.
Niteshift36 Talk
Obiwankenobi Talk I am a powerful jedi, but one of my best students went to the Dark Side. I've been trying to make up for it ever since.
Phthinosuchusisanancestor Talk I am a huge fan and will help where-ever possible
Queenqpawn Talk I like Star Wars and I hope to stay active.
Rcd178 Talk I will contribute.
Rio44 Talk i love star wars. i want to speak hutinease
Rocky Role Talk Happy to help! I have a particular interest in canon.
Rosvel92 Talk I'm into all the Star Wars movies, The Clone Wars, Rebels, and most of the Star Wars Comics (canon released since 2014), also a videogame aficionado so I'll probably buy the new SW games as long as they aren't multiplayer only, I want to get into the SW books but is hard enough to keep up with my personal life. This is my talk page
Royalmate1 Talk Likely articles relating to the 501st Legion.
SCΛRECROW Talk Will help out where needed. Mostly copy-editing, counter-vandalism, general maintenance, error correction and ref hunting.
Sjones23 Talk I am a fan of the Star Wars franchise. I will help with the copy-editing, removing vandalism and nominating articles to GA or FA status if I can.
Skipper1931 Talk I am interested in Star Wars as a whole, but mostly in the Empire era. I also do not know much about Legends. I will assist with removing vandalism and rating articles.
SmithN41V Talk I am a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise with an extensive knowledge and I'm always here to help.
SteveKSmith Talk Here to help "if the force is with me!" and working in categories.
Stuem007 Talk My main expertise is in the realm of games, but I'm pretty well-versed with everything besides the TV series.
TaerkastUA Talk
TAnthony Talk
Tanuyeiro Talk
Tennispro45 Talk I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Not a very active editor but will try to help.
TenseBeaver Rroooaarr Don't startle a wookie.
TenTonParasol Talk Primarily sticking around Clone Wars-era stuff, especially clone trooper related articles. Well-versed in TCW.
Thejadefalcon Talk
The Yoshi Sniper Talk
T'Shael Talk Here to help. I mostly work with the CVU, but am now branching out into content. I'd like to get involved in this WikiProject as I am a huge Star Wars fan.
UnknownBrick22 Talk Committed and fond fan of the franchise. Always looking to improve Wikipedia's info. on it wherever possible.
Wildroot Talk Very experienced WP:FILM editor and I am willing to do conclusive clean-ups on the Star Wars films.
Willrocks10 Talk A BIG Star Wars fan. I am always happy to make or edit articles!
Worm That Turned Talk I'd like to get involved, especialy since Star Wars is one of my interests
ZappaOMati Talk I've been a Star Wars fan for years, and I'm primarily working on the video games, like Star Wars: Battlefront II
Zeldagamer1337 Talk The Music and particularly I want to start to help translate pages into Spanish (I'm working on a Spanish minor at Ohio State)
ZLEA Talk I know that Lightsaber blades are plasma, not lasers. Oh, and I watched Star Wars IV: A New Hope with Bruce Logan, the man who gets little credit for making all the ship's and the death star's explosions, he also blew up Alderaan, but he doesn't like to talk about that because of the 5,000,000,000 innocent lives that were lost. Zta Talk I'd like to take pictures of Star Wars action figures of my own collection.
Zussman1 Talk Will try to help wherever I can!
Zziccardi Talk I'm mostly interested in improving articles related to the original trilogy, but I'm more than happy to help out
Manicatorman Talk I've been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid. Movies and games are what I know the most about.

JeffreyLoeber (talk) 00:47, 9 November 2017 (UTC) Here to improve everything

Inactive editors[edit]

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Note: Sometimes it is easy to tell when a user is inactive, such as when they have been banned, retired, or vanished. However, keep in mind that not everyone contributes to Wikipedia on a regular basis. There are many editors who contribute infrequently or even go for months without making an edit, but then return. That said, it is generally safe to move an editor to the "inactive" section if they have not made an edit to Wikipedia within one year.