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... that Alexis Cruz (Skaara) and Erick Avari (Kasuf) are the only actors to appear in both the Stargate SG-1 series and the original Stargate film?

... that Richard Kind appeared in the original Stargate film as Gary Meyers and in the third season of Stargate Atlantis as Lucius?

... that Joe Flanigan (Lt. Col. John Sheppard) wrote the story for the second season episode "Epiphany"?

... that David Hewlett originally auditioned for a different role in Stargate Atlantis (He had previously played McKay on SG-1) and that he was not hired until the filming had already started?

... that Christopher Judge has appeared in every episode of Stargate SG-1 except for "Prometheus Unbound"?

... that Stargate Atlantis was originally intended to succeed Stargate SG-1 and that its action moved to the Pegasus Galaxy only after SG-1 was renewed for an 8th season?

... that Joe Flanigan is the only American of Stargate Atlantis five original cast members, the other four being Canadian?

... that David Hewlett enjoys Sci-fi so much due to the British series Doctor Who which he was raised on seeing, when suggested he should audition for the role by his girlfriend he said "Can't you wait until Atlantis is over"?

... that Amanda Tapping, David Hewlett and Paul McGillion were all born in the United Kingdom?

... that Stargate Atlantis inherited Blade Trinity's effects stage, when it became obvious that the producers of Blade couldn't afford to dismantle it?