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Current proposed hierarchy[edit]

The actual current hierarchy of Category:Stub categories is available here: /Current

This is the current proposed hierarchy. The following criterias are observed:

  1. place stub enter the bulls-eye area categories, from continent/region to country, to subdivision, to cities.
    1. Stubs limited to a country are included into the area-tree
  2. No more than 3 level separes the front from the category, except in specific subcategories (webcomics, under comics) and the area-tree
  • Area-stubs (Other than geo stubs)
    • Country-related-stubs
      • Politics of Hong Kong stubs
      • Peerage stubs (under UK stubs)
      • Region-related-stubs
        • City-related stubs
          • London tube stubs
          • New York City Subway stubs

  • Arts and literature stubs
    • Artists stubs
    • Music stubs
      • Composers stubs
      • Musician Stubs
      • Album Stubs
    • Literature stubs
      • Book stubs (*)
        • Harry Potter stubs (?)
        • Tolkien stubs
        • Honorverse stubs
      • Science fiction stubs
      • Comics stubs
        • Web comics stubs(?)
        • Anime and Manga stubs
    • Movie stubs(?)
      • Robotech stubs
      • Filming stubs(?)
      • Star War stubs(?)
    • Theatre stubs
      • Play stubs(*)
    • Architecture stubs (should this be listed here?)

  • Business & Economics-stubs (*)
    • Corporation stubs
      • Airlines stubs
      • Disney stubs
    • Economics stubs

  • Education stubs (*)
    • Museum stubs
    • School stubs (*)
    • University stubs

  • Geo stubs
    • Geographical terms stubs
    • Geo stubs by area
      • Country-geo-stubs
    • Oceanography stubs
    • Road stubs
    • Building and structure stubs
      • Country-struct-stubs (UK, US, Europe)
      • Museum stubs
      • Architecture stubs

  • Historical stubs
    • Jewish history-related stubs
    • Ancient Egypt stubs

  • Humanities stubs (*)
    • Ethnicity stubs
      • Indian people stubs
      • Area-people stubs (*)
    • Law stubs
    • Linguistics stubs
    • Language stubs
    • Mythology stubs
    • Parapsychology stubs
    • Philosophy stubs

  • Media-related stubs(*)
    • Filming stubs(?)
    • Magazines stubs
    • Newspaper stubs
    • PBS stubs
    • Station stubs
    • Television stubs
      • Television biographical stubs
      • Animation stubs
        • Anime and Manga stubs
    • Internet stubs(*)
      • Internet domains
      • Web comics stubs

  • Organization stubs
    • Corporation stubs
      • Airlines stubs
      • Disney stubs
    • Museum stubs
    • School stubs
    • Theatre stubs
    • University stubs
    • United Nations stubs
    • Government stubs

  • People stubs
    • Actor stubs
    • Artists stubs
    • Scientists
      • Astronomers stubs
      • Mathematician stubs
    • Peerage stubs
    • Politician stubs
    • Sportspeople stubs
    • Television biographical stubs

  • Politics stubs
    • Liberal related stubs
    • Female stubs
    • Election stubs
    • Politics of Hong Kong stubs
    • Peerage stubs

  • Religion stubs
    • Buddhism stubs
    • Christianity stubs
    • Hinduism stubs
    • Judaism stubs
      • Hebrew Bible/Tanakh-related stubs
      • Jewish history-related stubs
    • Islam-related stubs
    • LDS stubs
    • Paganism stubs

  • Science stubs
    • Biology stubs
      • Anatomy stubs
      • Biochemistry stubs
      • Cell biology stubs
      • Animal stubs
        • Dog stubs
        • Bird stubs
      • Plant stubs
      • Fungi stubs
      • Bacteria stubs
    • Archaeology stubs
    • Astronomy stubs
      • Astronomers stubs
      • Astronomic object stubs(*)
    • Chemistry stubs
      • Substance stubs(*)
      • Biochemistry stubs
    • Economic Stubs
    • Geographical term stubs
    • Geology stubs
    • Math stubs
    • Medicine stubs
      • Anatomy stubs
      • Biochemistry stubs
      • Cell biology stubs
    • Oceanography stubs
    • Physics stubs
    • Psychology stubs
    • Scientists
      • Astronomers stubs
      • Mathematician stubs
  • Sport stubs
    • American Football stubs
    • Baseball stubs
    • Basketball stubs
    • Cricket stubs
    • Cycling stubs
    • Football (soccer) stubs
    • Ice hockey stubs
    • Martial arts stubs (?)
    • Olympic stubs
    • Rugby union stubs
    • Sportspeople stubs
    • Tennis stubs

  • Substance stubs(*) -> Chemistry stubs
    • Mineral stubs
    • Drug stubs(*)

  • Technology stubs
    • Computers, gaming and programming stubs(*)
      • Computer Stubs
        • Programming stubs
        • Program and system stubs(*)
          • KDE stubs
          • Linux stubs
          • Mac OS X stubs
          • Microsoft Windows stubs
        • Wireless stubs
      • Computer and video games stubs
      • Game stubs
    • Internet stubs(*) -> Media stubs
      • Internet domains
      • Web comics stubs
    • Cryptography stubs
    • Standards stubs
    • Telecommunications stubs1

  • Transportation stubs(*)
    • Aircraft stubs
    • Airlines stubs
    • Airport stubs
    • Automobile stubs
    • Station stubs
    • Rail and subway stubs
      • London tube stubs
      • New York City Subway stubs
    • Road stubs
    • Water-transport stubs

  • Military stubs
    • Other appropriate stubs categorues (*)
    • Weapon stubs
    • Naval stubs

New sections and categories[edit]

Major categories

  1. Transportation stubs
  2. Stubs by area
    1. areas: Balkans, Middle-east, South America, Europe
    2. country-stubs and country-geo-stubs for all countries
  3. Humanities stubs
  4. Media-related stubs
  5. Substance stubs
    1. Drug stubs (include other active substances)
  6. Computer, Gaming and Programming stubs
  7. Business and economics stubs
  8. Education stubs
    1. School stubs


  1. Book stubs
  2. Morphology stubs (expansion of Anatomy stubs to include plants)
  3. Play stubs
  4. Astronomic object stubs
  5. Program and system stubs
  6. Politician stubs

Deleted categories[edit]

(Won't be deleted if a wikiproject is using them)

  1. City stubs (merged into country-geo-stubs or country-city-stubs)
  2. Bomber stubs (Merged into AIrcraft stubs)
  3. Van stubs (Merged into car stubs)
  4. Female stubs (renamed to Feminism stubs)
  5. Pub stubs (merge with structure stubs)

'Miscellaneous' categories[edit]

  • Agriculture stubs
  • Festival stubs
  • Food and drink stubs
  • Magic stubs
  • Pokemon stubs
  • Toys stubs

Proposed inter-supercategory moves[edit]

  • law-stub to "Government and Politics"
  • Magic-stub to "Arts and Entertainment" [new name for "The Arts"?]
  • philo-stub (Philosophy) to Science ?
  • Agri-stub (Agriculture) to Science?
  • fest-stub (Festivals) to "Arts and Entertainment"
  • PBS stub to "Arts and Entertainment"

Discussion on movement of subcategories across supercategories[edit]

I think fest should remain under reli, as many fests are reli; but should also be elsewhere. And I don't think entertainment is a suitable "elsewhere".msh210 16:11, 3 Feb 2005 (UTC)

In my current proposal, festivals are not under any supercategory. However, a new event-stub could cover that field quite efficiently and include news-event-stubs (recent events), fest-stubs (any regular/cyclic event? I haven't looked at it in details, but I do think it should/could encompass much morwe.) and hist-event-stubs (historical events, duplicated under historical stubs). Any though? --Circeus 16:45, Feb 3, 2005 (UTC)
Sorry. I thought I saw fest under entertainment or some such. I don't think news-event is a good category: every news-event becomes an hist-event after a finite amount of time. Just leave it at "event". Otoh, I don't think fest belongs under event. A fest is not a regular/cyclic event. It's a regular/cyclic/irregular/acyclic commemoration/holiday/etc. Some may be events but others (I'd say most) (e.g., Easter) are not. (The thing that Easter commemorates was an histrical (or mythological) event, but Easter itself is not, except in the sense that everything that occurs is an event (which is true but useless).)msh210 18:31, 3 Feb 2005 (UTC)

In general, I find that listing stub categories under other stub categories is a useful thing that should be done wherever appropriate. (Someone could easily put a religious festival into Category:Religion stubs without realizing that fest-stub exists.) It helps to keep things organized—as much as is currently possible, at least. -Aranel ("Sarah") 20:11, 4 Feb 2005 (UTC)

I'm not a fan of magic -> arts and entertainment. This stub seems to be used not so much for stage magic as for magick (i.e., alchemy and the like). If anything it should be listed with para-stub either under "misc" or (possibly) under science. Also, I know I'm biased (since I started the page), but I far prefer the hierarchical structure in use on Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types to the one above. It seems - to me at least - to flow far more logically than this one. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 08:47, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)

proposed new stubs[edit]

slang terms[edit]

Currently moving to lang-stub

  • EXTREME disagree with both merge and new term. lang-stub is for languages (French, Nahuatl etc.) stubs, NOT word stubs. Also, I think a categorization (slang terms, obviously) is more appropriate than a stub categorization. Circeus 11:39, 8 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • I, too, disagree with the merge. Lang is for languages, as Circeus has noted; ling-stub is for linguistics. Slang terms belong there more than they do under lang-stub, but I don't think they should even go under ling-. How about a new word-stub, if there are enough articles (which I doubt!). These would be articles solely about words, not about the referents of those words. But such articles are candidates for being moved to Wiktionary.... How about we just drop this whole idea, huh?msh210 17:57, 8 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • Disagree: use the categorization option as noted and avoid slang categorization => Lang-stub Courtland 12:48, 2005 Feb 9 (UTC)
  • Wikipedia is not a dictionary or a jargon file. I don't think slang terms should be stubbed at all. Unless it truly deserves an article, a move to wikitionary template should be placed in the article. --jag123 19:36, 15 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • Actually, several terms that could otherwise be defined as "dictionnary" have complex encyclopedic background and are worthy of inclusion. see Category:Slang. However, it is likely that a slang term with {{stub}} can be reasonably move to wiktionary. --Circeus 19:53, Feb 15, 2005 (UTC)
    • Right, so we agree that slang terms that deserve an article aren't stubs, and slang terms that are stubs should be moved to Wikitionary. Eventually, someone might add an in-depth history of "beeyotch" and seriously make it encyclopedic, but in the mean time it shouldn't be a stub, basically sitting in limbo between being a definitioon and a real article. --jag123 20:45, 15 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Poetry and poets[edit]

How about Template:Poet-stub to start breaking up Template:Writer-stub? (Obviously some writers who write poetry would still fit better under writers in general.) And/or Template:Poetry-stub to start breaking up Template:Lit-stub? -Aranel ("Sarah") 00:20, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I went ahead and did Template:Poetry-stub because I found some stubs that I wanted to categorize and I didn't want to be recategorizing them in a couple of days. Do we want to separate poets from poetry in general, or would it make more sense to but both int he same category? (I'm leaning toward the latter at the moment.) -Aranel ("Sarah") 02:05, 3 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • I've been sorting writers when I find them and they are poets into the poetry-stub. I've not done this as a systematic look at the Writer stubs category, but part of looking at the Literature stubs category, which includes quite a few poems, books of poetry, plays (=> Theatre stubs), and writers of various kinds. Courtland 00:22, 2005 Mar 29 (UTC)

Motorcycle stub (*not created - yet*)[edit]

I've noticed quite a number of motorcycle stubs... are there enough for a Mbike-stub? (Oh, and while on the subject of vehicles, I've re-worded the road-stub template slightly to reflect the fact that most of the articles with the stub are about roads, not road transport!) Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 10:14, 25 Feb 2005 (UTC)

I can't figure out if they do or do not count as cycling stubs, but I'm beginning to fear that they do not. If you think there are enough, go for it—I certainly run across more motorcycle-related stubs while sorting than other cycling stubs. -Aranel ("Sarah") 00:20, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)
There don't seem to be enough at the moment. That's not to say there won't be enough, just that I can't find enough of them to make it worth while for now. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 04:53, 3 Mar 2005 (UTC)

6 new stubs (4 made, 2 pending)[edit]

Sorry to have so many, but anyone whos been sorting much lately will be as frustrated as i am with over a page of unncategorisable stubs, anyway:


  • phrases/figures of speech = phrase-stub

Friend of Dorothy dont like these articles - but they've got to go somewhere

Yes - to Wiktionary.Most of this type of item is very little more than a definition and a short etymology. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 00:14, 2 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I still think we should have a phrase-stub, even if its just to hold them while they get moved to wiktionary. Bluemoose 12:13, 5 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Courtland mentioned something similar at Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Stub_sorting today, so that's another vote in favour. Probably is worthwhile. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 07:28, 14 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I'm a bit ambivalent about keeping simple phrases in Wikipedia as articles. Personally I'd like to see them move to Wiktionary by and large, but I'd not like to make that an absolute requirement. Certainly there are some phrases who's usage and etymology are deep and varied enough to warrant being in the encyclopedia. Looking back through my edits, let's see ... the things I've recently added the move-to-Wiktionary msg to are Whirligig, Kiasu, Baseline, Banana paper, and Badge. There's a couple of other things that I've put in Wiktionary as phrases rather than put them here, such as watertight alibi, free-living organism,family reunion, bricks and mortar and asked for creation of "kiss of death", "come out in the wash" and "family secret". That kind of gives a notion of the types of things I see as better in Wiktionary than in Wikipedia ... but any one of these could be wikified given enough effort. Courtland 20:11, 2005 Mar 14 (UTC)
There's a fair amount of word and expressions-related content on wiki that could use the tag, we'll have to ba wary of dicdefs, though.

thing-stub {{tool-stub}}[edit]

  • objects/materials = thing-stub

Icepick dont like the idea of this one, as a lot of random stuff will be put together, but where else do these things go.

    • I agree that this is awfully vague. -Aranel ("Sarah") 20:05, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    • How about tool-stub? Many of these objects seem to be tools. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 00:14, 2 Mar 2005 (UTC)
    • cane, Chest (furniture), Nut (hardware), Fishing net, Gas cylinder - there are lots more, i think we need an object-stub. Bluemoose 15:47, 2 Mar 2005 (UTC)
      • nut and fishing net might both qualify as tools. Taking all the tools out will at least reduce the randomness of an object-stub. I'd suggest putting in a tool stub, then seeing whether what's left makes any more sense than the random load that's there at the moment. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 00:08, 4 Mar 2005 (UTC)
        • thats a good idea - if you get a spare moment could you make it, that would really help reduce that annoying pile of stubs left on the first 2 pages, thanks Bluemoose 10:11, 4 Mar 2005 (UTC)
      • Gazumped! I was just about to create tool-stub and it was already there! Thank you User:Elf! (Next time tell someone!) BTW, you may well find a few "tools" in the tech-stub category... Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 11:21, 4 Mar 2005 (UTC)
        • Huh, I'm lucky to get on and do actual work (creating stub, adding it to multiple stub lists, applying to appropriate stubs) without wandering through zillions of discussions to see whether I'm also supposed to tell someone about what I'm doing. Hey--you figured it out, right? :-) Elf | Talk 17:24, 3 Apr 2005 (UTC) (P.S., this is the first time I've visited this page, for example, and I was just curious what it was about.)
  • What do you think about the use of this stub for something like anaesthetic machine or anaesthetic vaporiser, both of which are pretty complicated pieces of machinery? Should we restrict usage to hand-held (foot-held, mouth-held, etc.) items? Also, we should restrict this to physical tools, as opposed to mental tools, for instance (e.g. mnemonic devices), yes? Courtland 00:32, 2005 Mar 29 (UTC)


  • business/marketing = business-stub
    • There's already Template:Corp-stub which covers articles related to corporations or companies. -Aranel ("Sarah") 20:05, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)
      • yes, but i mean as in terms such as Kaizen, Confab and Kanban to randomly name three, the kind of terms you would learn at business/management school. Bluemoose 11:11, 3 Mar 2005 (UTC)
        • You are suggesting a stub category that is wholly congruent to Category:Business, yes? Courtland 01:00, 2005 Mar 15 (UTC)
          • Yes, that is exactly what i mean, thanks Bluemoose 12:10, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)
      • How about calling it "admin-stub", for management and administration stubs? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 00:02, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Anthropology Stub[edit]

I don't have too many examples (just two) - Namboothiris and Ezhava (which isn't marked as a stub yet). Right now Namboothiris is marked as a India related Religion stub. I think it would be better categorized as an Anthropology stub. So basically any article that is "anthropology related". Vivin Paliath (വിവിന് പാലിയത്) 17:03, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Many of them are covered by ethno-stub. I wasn't really convinced when I added reli-stub to Namboothiris, but it was the closest I could find. As for both it and Ezhava, since the caste system is peculiar to India, they could easily both get India-stub. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 23:09, 11 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Digimon stub[edit]

There's so much digimon cruft on wikipedia that I'm surprised that we don't already have a digimon stub category. DaveTheRed 06:11, 13 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I suggested elsewhere that this might just need an expansion of the wording for the Pokemon-stub , but the more I thinka bout it, the more I think that either it needs a separate stub or could be combined with the manga/anime stub. How many Digimon stubs are there? Anyone? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 04:33, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)


A suggestion... once we've all stopped sifting through the bio and geo stubs, the next section that might be worth a look is poli-stubs. there are over 2000 of them. A rough estimate is that about 1/4 of those are political parties and movements, which could possibly do with their own stub category. other than that, it may be another case of sorting by country. Any thoughts? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 10:20, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)

TV Series stubs subdivision[edit]

Last update on stub counts ... Category:Television stubs 296 versus Category:Television series stubs 582. Courtland 03:32, 2005 Mar 15 (UTC)

It might not be a bad idea to break up the TV series category while it's still a remotely manageable size. -Aranel ("Sarah") 20:49, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)
TV-drama-stub, TV-comedy-stub, TV-docu-stub, TV-news-stub, TV-music-stub, TV-sports-stub... would that cover them all? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 01:56, 16 Mar 2005 (UTC)

OK, my comments and suggestions Courtland 02:35, 2005 Mar 16 (UTC)
What about comedy? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg
D'OH! Courtland 06:27, 2005 Mar 16 (UTC)


Ooops, I'm sorry; I only discovered this page after I'd created the stub. I did it because there was nothing appropriate for articles related to radio programmes (obviously). If it needs to be deleted until after discussion, could some friendly admin do that please? Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 12:23, 17 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I'd actually considered suggesting something like this one myself - but it needs to be made clear that it is for radio programmes and not radio stations (which are already covered by Template:Station-stub). I've reworded both the stub and the category name... but that means we now have an empty Category:Radio stubs that will need deletion - unless anyone has any better ideas? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 12:37, 17 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Ancient Rome stub (*created*)[edit]

We've got an Ancient Egypt stub, and there seem to be a LOT of Ancient Rome stubs, most of which are either getting put in the various european geo-stub categories or into bio-stub. I reckon a Roman-stub or Romanus-stub might not be a bad idea (not Rome-stub, just in case someone wants to sort stubs on the city. Egypt-stub, for ancient Egypt, was an unfortunate name). There might be enough for Ancient Greece to get a stub too, but Rome seems to crop up more often. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 10:10, 18 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Update - since there were no objections, this has been created, as {{Roman-stub}}.
While starting to look for items for this in Category:Historical stubs, I noticed a lot of bio-stubs in there - what are the guidelines about that? Surely most biographies could be listed as historical stubs, but should any be really? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 01:22, 29 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Chemical reaction stub[edit]

As a way to segregate Category:Chemistry stubs into at least one smaller slice, I've created Category:Chemical reaction stubs and the corresponding template and listed this on the Stub Types page; I'll go about populating it momentarily. Any suggestions as to rewording of stub or category are welcome. Courtland 03:17, 2005 Mar 19 (UTC)

I have had Category:substance stubs planned in the first proposed hierarchy, but it was apprently never acted upon. It could also potentially segregate various elements for chemistry and biosci stubs. Circeus 04:14, Mar 19, 2005 (UTC)
That would help, but perhaps something a little more specific? I was thinking along the lines of, for instance, Category:Inorganic compound stubs and Category:Element stubs, leaving organic compounds sit for the time being as they make up a large %, up to 50%, of the stubs in the category. Also, a Category:Analytical chemistry stubs might have enough content to justify, but marginally. Thoughts? Courtland 13:05, 2005 Mar 19 (UTC)
I doubt we need element stubs. The element articles are all fairly well develloped. Circeus 15:18, Mar 19, 2005 (UTC)
Yes, you're right; there are only about 16 or so element-related stubs in Category:Chemistry stubs and that small a number should be dealt with by other means. Courtland 18:28, 2005 Mar 19 (UTC)

Russian biographical stub[edit]

I mentioned this need for this here (came across a lot of these while re-sorting people stubs), but failed to notice there was a formal proposal process -- my bad. So consider this a proposal to retro-approve this, forgive my procedural lapse, and correct the various wiki errors I've made in creating the template Template:Russia-bio-stub. (But be gentle, it's my first time...) Alai 04:47, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)

This page is largely a courtesy thing rather than a hard and fast rule. And no-one objected when you brought it up further up the page. So no need to apologise - it'll be useful. It's people making stubs that will be used for a tiny number of articles without finding out what's happening here, and not telling us about them once they're made that's the problem. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 08:57, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Fair enough. I've gone ahead and updated the listings in Stub categories and under People stubs; wouldn't surprise me if I'd missed some places. Alai 09:30, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Wales-geo-stub, Scotland-geo-stub (*created*, along with London-geo-stub)[edit]

There are now three and a half thousand UK-geo-stubs. There's also already a NI-geo-stub for Northern Ireland. A logical solution would be to make stubs for Wales and Scotland, to at least ease the strain on the main category (if there's a London WikiProject, then that could probably be pared off, too). Thoughts? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 07:18, 23 Mar 2005 (UTC)

  • Whoof. I'd suggest all three of those then, and just for starters. This'll almost certainly leave 2000+ in "UK" though -- perhaps also Regions of England stubs? One could even go so far as to suggest stubs by county, which'd appeal to the traditionalists more, but is probably too bitty, and has its own definitional issues at that. Alai 03:58, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • UPDATE: I have created {{UKW-geo-stub}} and {{UKS-geo-stub}} for Wales and Scotland respectively. Since I realise that these are easy for converting from UK-geo-stub, but not so easy for new creation from scratch, I've also added two redirected templates at {{Wales-geo-stub}} and {{Scotland-geo-stub}}. I've left any other subdivisions like London for now. Is there a London WikiProject? If so it might be worth adding that too. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 02:25, 5 Apr 2005 (UTC)
    • There is indeed a Wikipedia:WikiProject London. I've mentioned this idea there. BTW, wouldn't it be slightly more aesthetic to reverse the above template and redirect? Alai 05:14, 5 Apr 2005 (UTC)
    • OK, I shall add {{London-geo-stub}} as well before I go any further. You're right about the order of redirect and standard. The reason I've done it that way is that - for the sake of my hands - I will be using UKS and UKW as I go through the parent category, so chances are the first few hundred in each category will have those template links. I don't know whether that makes any difference as far as the servers are concerned, but if it does, I don't want to cause them any more strain than I have to!. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 05:39, 5 Apr 2005 (UTC)
      • Good point. Can always swap them around if the "new" stubs ever predominate, I suppose. Alai 05:44, 5 Apr 2005 (UTC)
  • Oddly, about half of what's left seems to be (a) villages in Durham; (b) villages near Daventry, Northants; (c) docks on the Mersey (this group I'm moving to UK-struct-stub until someone comes up with somewhere better!). A WikiProject on each of them, and the UK-geo-stub problem would largely disappear! Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 08:37, 6 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Medicine stub @ ~1000 articles[edit]

Need a couple suggestions as to slicing up the Medicine stubs category. My thinking ... Category:Disease stubs (~several hundred) ... Category:Medical Sign stubs (~100) (they use 'sign' rather than 'symptom' in the medicine realm here .. interesting a sign is an objective observation associated with a disorder, while a symptom is a subjective one; pain is a symptom while decrease in range of motion (perhaps due to pain) is a sign) ... Category:Cancer stubs (~100) as a child of the "diseases" stubs. More thoughts? Courtland 06:49, 2005 Mar 15 (UTC) addenda Courtland 18:45, 2005 Mar 19 (UTC)

P.S. I'm double-stubbing some medical and medical treatment stubs to the "tool stubs", like Electric toothbrush ... the picture of pliers associated with a dental-related article is an amusing unanticipated side-effect :) . Courtland 06:49, 2005 Mar 15 (UTC)

I take it everything that can has gone into either treatment stub or anatomy stub? Other than cancer, are there any specific groups of diseases which could be pared off? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 07:52, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Anatomy ones are a little tricky as I'm not putting pathological anatomy into anatomy; for instance, I didn't transfer bone spur to anatomy because it is a pathological formation. In general, the term "anaotomy" is usually used to refer to "normal anatomy". Maybe a category specifically for the others? However, many of those destined for that new category could also be categorized to a stub version of sign or Category:Diseases. Courtland 00:46, 2005 Mar 16 (UTC)
Unless someone has made it their personal project and done a lot of work on it, there are still probably hundreds of unsorted treatment-stubs mixed in with the generic med-stubs. The last time I waded into that category, it was overwhelmed with them. -Aranel ("Sarah") 20:43, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Yes, there are still a lot of treatment-stubs ... I wade in there and toss a few buckets over the side occasionally to keep the boat from sinking. I was thinking about the ones that will be left after those are gone. Courtland 00:46, 2005 Mar 16 (UTC) P.S. One thing that might be leading to a difference between our calls of treatments is that I'm not stubbing diagnostics as in tests to the treatment-stub category, but only those things related to actually treating a condition. The tests would fit into a {{medtest-stub}} category is what I'm thinking. Courtland 01:10, 2005 Mar 16 (UTC)

Sign (medicine) stubs[edit]

Based on the rate of potential classification to this stub I've found in going through -A- general med-stubs, I'm going to create this template and category and place it on the 'stub types' listing. This will be {{medsign}} and Category:Sign (medicine) stubs. Courtland 18:50, 2005 Mar 19 (UTC)

Cancer stubs[edit]

Also based on the rate of potential classification to this stub I've found in going through -A- general med-stubs, I'm going to create this template and category and place it on the 'stub types' listing. This will be {{cancer-stub}} and Category:Cancer stubs. Courtland 18:50, 2005 Mar 19 (UTC)


For drugs and other things related to pharmacology. I have already created the stub (and its articles), because I haven't seen the instructions before. If anyone objects or if there are procedural problems, remove it of course. The proposed template would be {{pharma-stub}} , as this is unambiguous and easy to remember. --Eleassar777 21:29, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)

treating the Treatment-stub[edit]

I meant this to be part of the pharma-stub discussion, but it can (and should) stand alone Courtland 18:30, 2005 Mar 25 (UTC) There's some splitting that can be done with the treatment-stub that could help some. For instance, creation of a {{surgery-stub}} could split out ~30%; replacement of {{treatment-stub}} with {{CAM-stub}} in some cases => ~10%; creation of a {{meds-stub}} could take care of most of the rest; thereafter, {{treatment-stub}} could probably be retired. The {{meds-stubs}} would cover the clinical pharmacology aspect of pharmacology, then the {{pharma-stub}} could handle the rest. Is this consistent with what you're thinking? Courtland 15:41, 2005 Mar 25 (UTC)

I don't see no need to divide pharmacology stub into pharma nad clinical pharma yet. Otherwise I agree. --Eleassar777 18:20, 25 Mar 2005 (UTC)


I would like to propose the implementation of Template:beer-stub (I created it already, but have not yet used it). This would be used in association with beer and brewery articles that fall under the WikiProject Beer. Some of the following articles seem like likely candidates at the moment (many more will follow as the project gets underway):

probably quite a few others in food-stub, too. I'm sure I can remember putting some in there. Would it include articles like Fermentation lock? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 00:54, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I hadn't thought of it, really: my mind was really on beers and breweries. Upon consideration, however, I suppose that it might include such articles if they relate exclusively to beer fermentation, and not just fermentation in general. – ClockworkSoul 01:14, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Just keeping everybody updated: the project is getting underway, and a at least three dozen breweries and two dozen styles of beer are appropriate for this stub. Most are stubbed with either the general stub, a food-stub, a corp-stub, or some kind of nation stub. Beer styles need a great deal of work, and at least two dozen articles will need to be created: there too will need an appropriate stub. – ClockworkSoul 18:07, 26 Mar 2005 (UTC)

{{Buffyverse-stub}} (*created*)[edit]

The creation of this as a merger of Angel- and Buffy-stubs is done. See information below.Courtland 03:07, 2005 Mar 29 (UTC)

{{bus-stub}} *(created)*[edit]

A part of the Transportation stubs. There are ones for trams, Vans and Railways. See Network Colchester for difficulties in catogorising these types of Stubs. TAS 17:08, 6 Apr 2005 (UTC)

not a bad idea. Another possible transportation one is something for all those damned UK railway stations! Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 02:21, 7 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Money-stub *created*[edit]

I'm beginning to wonder whether a currency and coinage stub (money-stub) would make a good subcategory of econ-stub, for articles like Augustalis, Barbados dollar, Ducat, and Egyptian pound. Thoughts? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 09:36, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Good one; would be a place to put obsolete-denomination articles, too. A2Kafir 19:58, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Okay - {{money-stub}} is made and running. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 04:19, 18 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Col-stub *created*[edit]

And then there's colour/color (hence col-stub!). Azure (color), Bistre, Brunswick green, Cerise (color), Cream (color), Fire engine red... Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 05:34, 12 Apr 2005 (UTC)

To be adopted by the newly-created WikiProject Color --Phil | Talk 10:08, Apr 13, 2005 (UTC)
there do seem to be a lot of colour articles, so a stub category would be nice. Bluemoose 15:07, 17 Apr 2005 (UTC)
I was about to propose a new color stub category when I saw this one; I think it is very needed. chris hathaway 18:59, Apr 17, 2005 (UTC)
I have remade the template per {{metastub}} and created the stub category. I've also redirected col-stub to color-stub. Circeus 23:51, Apr 18, 2005 (UTC)
Heh. You beat me to it. That was my "wiki task for the day" - saves me right for waiting the full official seven days :) Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 00:26, 19 Apr 2005 (UTC)
While I was at it, I populated it. Surprising how much I found in 2 hours of work. Circeus 11:52, Apr 19, 2005 (UTC)

discovered stubs[edit]

{{Russian-history-stub}} and {{East-Slavic-history-stub}}[edit]

Created to solve several multi-stubbing problems with eastern European history articles (one of which was listed as a history-stub, lithuania-stub, belarus-stub, ukraine-stub AND russia-stub!) and because template {{Russia-stub}} seems too broad to the editors. "Eastern Slavic history stubs" cover mainly three East Slavic nations: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and, to a lesser degree, events related to the history of Lithuania and, sometimes, Poland (because there was an extended period when Poland and/or Lithuania politically dominated some of what's now Russia, Ukraine and Belarus). The stubs should apply to the articles related to the time when Russia, Ukraine and Belarus didn't yet form as nations of their own out of East Slavic proto-nation of the time of Kievan Rus and somewhat later. Also, some events of a later time are related to all or some of these nations and having an East-Slavic-history stub seems an approprate solution to the multi-stubbing problem. Russia-history-stub may or may not become a subcategory of East-Slavic-history stub. We should wait for consensus at Wikipedia talk:Russian wikipedians' notice board on that. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 03:57, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC) and Irpen 04:48, Mar 28, 2005 (UTC)


Another subdivision on music-stub. I didn't create it because there aren't that many opera stubs, and a classical-composition-stub would be more useful (there are much more of those, including operettas). Still, it would be big enough to be of some use to a WikiProject or other interested parties. Any comments? -- grm_wnr Esc 18:23, 31 Mar 2005 (UTC)

  • Support classical-composition-stub.—Wahoofive | Talk 18:33, 31 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • Support keeping opera-stub and also creating classical-composition-stub for non-opera works. (I created the category and template.) I plan to work to improve the opera stubs and also create many stubs for operas that I know only a bit about, but hope that others can add information on. I know that there are opera-buffs out there who are willing to help me in this project. I have not created a WikiProject yet on this, but would be willing to do so. --BaronLarf 20:37, Mar 31, 2005 (UTC)
Note: There are now 103 opera stubs, before the creation of any more articles. I believe that this is significant enough to warrant its own category. --BaronLarf 21:46, Mar 31, 2005 (UTC)
  • Then it's definitely a keep. -- grm_wnr Esc 23:43, 31 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Proposed stub deletions[edit]

Category:Pitcairn-related stubs[edit]

The category Category:Pitcairn-related stubs has 7 articles and 6 templates. The (very interesting) article on Pitcairn Islands says there are 5 islands but only one is inhabited. I believe there is a note somewhere to sort geographical stubs for this into Category:Oceania geography stubs.RJFJR 20:47, Feb 13, 2005 (UTC)

Mmmm... Note that virtually none of those articles are geo-stubs, though. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 06:02, 14 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Perhaps they should just go in Oceania stubs? There won't be too many people coming on board with a high knowledge of the Pitcairn Islands to help these stubs out. --YixilTesiphon 00:11, Feb 17, 2005 (UTC)
Just noticed that one of them is listed as a "British overseas territory stub". This might be a good place to move them all. It's a more likely place for an expert to find it.
True - that's a new stub I crated yesterday when I realised that all the remaining uncategorised geostubs were either in the Falklands, St Helena, or Chagos Archipelago. BritOT would be a logical place, and all five of the Pitcairn geo-stubs now also have this template. Which leaves the two Pitcairn bio-stubs... Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 02:34, 17 Feb 2005 (UTC)
In the interest of findability (and thus fixability), keep them in BritOT stubs. Who's going to go through biostubs to find people they know? Nobody. In fact, I'm going to list bio-stub for deletion with this in mind. --YixilTesiphon 05:30, Feb 17, 2005 (UTC)
Again, note that the template is BritOT-geo-stubs. And no, I don't think that bio-stub should be deleted, but it needs serious work. You should have seen geo-stub a couple of months back - a similar sort of thing needs to happen with bio-stub. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 02:32, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Are we at the point of saying that this should stay and not be deleted? Courtland 06:15, 2005 Mar 6 (UTC)
I think it's more a case that all the geo-stubs can go into BritOT-geo-stub or Oceania-geo-stub... that leaves two bio-stubs. Bio-stub is the subject of massive debate above - perhaps we should wait to see whether oceania-bio-stub or similar is created. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 22:58, 13 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Is there any real reason for having both Template:org-stub and Template:un-stub? I realise that the latter is explicitly for international organisations, but an awful lot of those with the org-stub template seem to be international, and only some 25 articles have un-stub. Either this needs tidying up and sorting out, or un-stub should go, IMHO. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 09:50, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)

  • Merge un-stub with org-stub. Circeus 13:03, Feb 18, 2005 (UTC)
  • I was under the impression that un-stub was specifically for United Nations related articles, but that's not what's happening. Merge and delete un-stub. --jag123 16:43, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
    • Originally it was just for United Nations articles, but I think what happened is that there didn't turn out to be enough of them. (It does seem rather a vague classification at present.) -Aranel ("Sarah") 18:40, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
      • I've used the template a few times - never for UN related stubs (don't think I've ever seen one of those!) - the template message doesn't mention the UN at all, but instead talks about "international organisations". Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 23:27, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  • Merge with org-stub. --YixilTesiphon 01:10, Feb 19, 2005 (UTC)

Just as an aside ... when I saw this conversation show up on my watch-list I thought "oh, a discussion about removing stub notices". Courtland 00:37, 2005 Feb 19 (UTC)

Furthering the aside - so did I.--YixilTesiphon 01:10, Feb 19, 2005 (UTC)
next step? Should this now move to a "templates-for-deletion" stage, the proposal being "delete un-stub and re-categorize contents to org-stub"? My feeling is that such a step would perhaps slip into the debate of whether "org-stub" and "corp-stub" should exist at all. Therefore, if a step to templates-for-deletion is felt to be a good next step, we should consider the fate of "org-stub" and "corp-stub" before making that step. Courtland 22:44, 2005 Mar 5 (UTC)

Quebec-stub and Quebec-bio-stub[edit]

Both currently listed on tfd and cfd - neither has been listed here, and Quebec-bio only has four articles. This one goes against current suggestions to further divide bio-stubs by nationality and occupation (by dividing by natonality and subnational region). Quebec-stub currently has about 20 items, but I doubt it could get anywhere close to the 50, 75, 100 suggestions elsewhere on WikiProject:stub sorting. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 04:07, 21 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Certainly I agree that Quebec-bio-stub should be deleted and a Canada-bio-stub be created; and we know my position on numbers for creating a stub category. --YixilTesiphon 03:29, Feb 23, 2005 (UTC)

Template:RugbyUnion-stub and Template:Rugby-stub[edit]

Can we merge these into one Template:Rugby-stub? Category:Rugby union stubs is not that big (41 articles at present) and people who are unfamiliar with rugby (like me) are likely to find the distinction difficult to make. -Aranel ("Sarah") 00:31, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)

Makes sense, in New Zealand we call Rugby Union "Rugby", and Rugby League "League" Onco p53 03:02, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Makes sense to me, too. On a similar subject, would Canadian Football stubs be included in AmFootball-stub? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 05:48, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)
In this case, "American Football" is a reference to a sport (as distinct from "soccer"), not a nationality. Canadian football does seem to be more or less the same sport. In this case, we can't just have a football-stub because the word football refers to two completely different sports. My understanding is that Rugby Union and Rugby League are more closely related than that. (One of the reasons that I suggested including both under the same stub template is that I can't tell the difference unless the article specifies. If we keep that particular distinction, it would be helpful if someone familiar with rugby would provide some basic guidelines.) -Aranel ("Sarah") 18:04, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)
You misunderstand me. Canadian Football is a separate sport - it is as closely related to the sport of American Football as Rugby Union is to Rugby League (FWIW, in this part of the world, American Football is simply called "Gridiron") Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 22:47, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)
I'm sorry, when I said "more closely related than that" I was referring to the relationship between "American football" and "football/soccer". If Rugby Union and Rugby League are as closely related as American and Canadian football, then I would definitely put them under the same stub, especially since there is one unambiguous name to use ("rugby"). -Aranel ("Sarah") 23:22, 28 Feb 2005 (UTC)
I don't mean to be obtuse here, but I don't understand exactly what you're point is. Football (i.e., soccer) has little to do with it. All I'm asking is that - since there is a stub template "Amfootball-stub" for American Football (the sport), and Canadian football is a similar sport - would any Canadian Football stubs get the Amfootball-stub template, or would they simply get stubbed with sport-stub because there isn't a separate Canadian football stub? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 00:02, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC) (for many years a reasonably good inside right or right wing at "real" football)
I think I've gotten hopelessly lost and confused. I don't know enough about Canadian football to make a judgment. I don't know enough about rugby to make a judgment, either, which is why I would rather have a single rugby stub. If you think we should somehow do the same with American and Canadian football, then I would have to bow to your superior knowledge in the matter. -Aranel ("Sarah") 00:18, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)
I don't know enough about Canadian Football to make the call... but I suspect it's just an academic question anyway. I haven't seen a Canadian Football stub yet - there may not be any. I did see my first Aussie Rules stub today, though... Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg

I know this was a case of be bold rather than follow procedure, but I noticed that most of the rugby-stubs were actually rugby league stubs, so I made RugbyLeague-stub, shifted everything over, then deleted Rugby-stub. All articles should say on them somewhere whether they relate to Union or League, so hopefully it will be obvious which of the two templates to use. If this was a bad move, and a merge is better, then merge is still possible from here. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 09:17, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Template: PBS stub[edit]

Do we need this one? It only has about a dozen articles, all of which are probably better served by station-stub or the like. There's also a completely unused Template:PBS Substub, which is on tfd. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 07:10, 4 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I've been runnning across quite a few Sesame Street stubs ... do you think that the Category:PBS stubs should be a home for them as the two are closely linked? Courtland 03:47, 2005 Mar 5 (UTC)
No idea, to be honest... PBS is a peculiarly American concept, and I don't know exactly where the line is drawn with it. Anyone? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg
I wouldn't have any problem with classifying Sesame Street stubs under PBS. It passes the "someone interested in the topic might be interested in expandign this" test. I feel like this category could be a whole lot larger. -Aranel ("Sarah") 02:16, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I found this at the PBS article (how do you blockquote something to set it off from the rest of text?) Courtland 02:39, 2005 Mar 6 (UTC):
PBS has distributed a number of highly regarded children's shows such as Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Villa Allegre, Zoom!, The Letter People, Barney and Friends, Shining Time Station, Thomas & Friends, Reading Rainbow and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Popular animated series have included Clifford the Big Red Dog, Arthur, Liberty's Kids and The Magic School Bus. The service has also imported British kids' series including Teletubbies and Boohbah.
I've gone through Category:Television series stubs and popped over to {{PBS stub}} those things related to Sesame Street. I might have missed some, but they'll come out in the wash. Courtland 02:49, 2005 Mar 6 (UTC)

Template:RuneScape-stub *deleted*[edit]

One article (RuneScape runes, which isn't even that stubby) plus the template. We could merge with Template:Cvg-stub, or, better yet, unstub the article and delete the template. -- grm_wnr Esc 23:56, 17 Mar 2005 (UTC)

  • agree with delete - not likely to be heavily populated and overlaps existing categories. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 23:59, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)
  • agree with delete — my rule of thumb for stub message removal is based on comparing the state the item was in when it was first stubbed vs. the present state. The one article has expanded considerably since being stubbed and I've removed the stub notice with a (hopefully) friendly action-message accompanying. Therefore, the template has been orphaned and could go onto Wikipedia:Templates for deletion any time. Courtland 04:05, 2005 Mar 27 (UTC)

Listed on WP:TFD and WP:CFD. -- grm_wnr Esc 21:44, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)

  • deleted 6 April 2005 Courtland 06:45, 2005 Apr 6 (UTC)

Template:KND-stub *deleted*[edit]

Anyone know anything about this one? It's for something called "Codename:Kids next door" and is used on two articles. The entire KND category (which for some reason Category: KND stubs is not a subcategory of) only has about 15 articles, so does it need a separate stub category rather than the planned Tv-animation-stub? Hugely popular series like Star Trek and Buffy, yes, I can understand stub categories for them, but I'm worried this one will open the floodgates... Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 09:08, 20 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I do think this should be nominated for deletion through the Wikipedia:Templates for deletion process. It has only 3 articles and has not increased in the past week. Courtland 03:54, 2005 Mar 27 (UTC)
Done. Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg
Deleted 6 April 2005 Courtland 06:41, 2005 Apr 6 (UTC)


Created by an anon, and nothing links to it. Most likely a joke. Remuel 22:11, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Pity we can't speedy delete these things... Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 23:59, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)
Deleted. If you want to BJAODN it, the original template will be copied to the log. -Frazzydee| 00:44, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC)

{{Angel-stub}} and {{Buffy-stub}}[edit]

I don't think these should be done away with altogether, merely merged into a new {{buffyverse-stub}}, or redefine the current {{Buffy-stub}}. This new template & category would take {{fantasy-stub}} and {{tvseries-stub}} as parents. Courtland 04:59, 2005 Mar 27 (UTC)

Between them they only have about 40 articles. Sounds fair. Would you keep the old stub templates as redirects? Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 04:27, 28 Mar 2005 (UTC)
for the time being, until we go through a clean-up wave of template redirect deletions. Courtland 00:45, 2005 Mar 29 (UTC)
  • The creation of new {{Buffyverse-stub}} and Category:Buffyverse stubs is complete; re-stubbing of the stubs marked with {{Angel-stub}} and {{Buffy-stub}} is complete; each old template redirects to the new template; text has been changed on each of the old stub categories. The old templates are now orphans and can be deleted if desired. Also, the Stub Types page has been updated to reflect these changes. Courtland 03:05, 2005 Mar 29 (UTC)
I'll list them on tfd and vfd. Can't see there'll be any opposition (famous last words...) Grutness|hello? Grutness.jpg 13:22, 29 Mar 2005 (UTC)