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This is an archive of discussions from Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Discoveries for 2007.


Newly discovered, May 2007

{{UK-bsoc-stub}} (upmerged)

{{Internet-tv-stub}} / Category:Internet television stubs

{{Exploitation-film-stub}} / Category:Exploitation film stubs

{{KamenRider-stub}} / Category:Kamen Rider stubs


Category:Turkish politician stubs

{{India-edu-stub}} (redlinked)

{{Transylvania-stub}} / Category:Transylvania stubs

{{Austin-stub}} / Category:Austin stubs

{{Conspiracy-stub}} / Category:Conspiracy stubs

{{China-radio-station-stub}} and {{Taiwan-radio-station-stub}}

Newly discovered, April 2007

{{Kites-stub}} / Category:Kite stubs

Category:Ukrainian politician stubs

{{Criminology-stub}} / Category:Criminology stubs



{{shoe-stub}} / Category:Shoe stubs


{{Methodist-stub}} / Category:Methodism stubs



{{Phenol-stub}} / Phenol stubs

Various Scottish football stub types

{{Iran-actor-stub}} / Category:Iranian actor stubs

{{Nursing-org-stub}} / Category:Nursing organization stubs

Newly discovered, March 2007


{{Palestine-bio-stub}} / upmerged

{{zombie-novel-stub}} (feeds into existing Category:Horror novel stubs)

{{Orthogastropoda-stub}} /Category:Orthogastropoda stubs

{{Christian-hiphop-group-stub}} / Category:Christian hip hop stubs

{{Delaware-road-stub}} / (redlink)

{{Lingayat-stub}} / (upmerged, but oddly)

{{UK-explorer-stub}} / (redlinked)

{{Violinist-stub}} / Category:Violinist stubs

{{Battletech-stub}} / Category:BattleTech stubs

{{Meat-stub}} / Category:Meat stubs

{{Nano-stub}} / Category:Nanotechnology stubs

{{Holiday-stub}} / Category:Holiday stubs

{{Archaea-stub}} / Category:Archaea stubs

{{Taxonomy-stub}} / Category:Taxonomy stubs

{{Exonumia-stub}} / Category:Exonumia stubs

{{Lagomorph-stub}}/ Category:Lagomorph stubs

{{metabolic pathway stub}}

{{Internet-tv-stub}} / Category:Internet television stubs

Category:Uruguayan politician stubs

{{Syria-bio-stub}} / Category:Syria people stubs


{{Juggling-stub}} / Category:Culture stubs


{{Frasier-stub}} / no cat

Newly discovered, February 2007

{{ferry-stub}} / Category:ferry stubs

{{Exercise physiology-stub}}

Category:Norwegian television stubs

{{Cantabria-stub}} / Category:Cantabria stubs

{{Gender-stub}} and {{Masc-stub}}

Category:1950s song stubs

{{IRA-stub}} / Category:IRA stubs

Category:Canadian political party stubs

Category:Colorado education stubs

Category:Computer engineering stubs

{{Japan-lit-stub}} / Category:Japanese literature stubs

{{Navarre-stub}} / no cat

{{Pakistan-sport-bio-stub}} / Category:Pakistani sport biography stubs

{{Afro-stub}} / Category:African diaspora stubs

{{RioGrandeDoSul-geo-stub}} / Category:Rio Grande do Sul geography stubs

{{Game-theory-stub}} / Category:Game theory stubs

An attacking field of cricket stubs


{{Asturias-stub}} / Category:Asturias stubs

{{Plant-disease-stub}} / Category:Plant disease stubs

{{Home-stub}} / Category:Home stubs

Category:SNK stubs, no template

{{BR-stub}} / Category:WPBR stubs

Un-upmerged New Zealand geo-stub categories

{{Turkmen SSR-stub}} / Category:Turkmen SSR stubs

{{Discrimination-stub}} / Category:Discrimination stubs

{{Arena Football League-Stub}} / redlinked cat

{{IT-swimming-bio-stub}} / Category:Italy swimming biography stubs

{{Germany-law-stub}} / Category:German law stubs

{{Gospel-music-stub}} / Category:Gospel music stubs and {{Gospel-album-stub}} / Category:Gospel album stubs

{{Weightlifting-bio-stub}} / Category:Weightlifter stubs

{{Taiwan-tv-stub}} / Category:Taiwan television stubs

{{China-myth-stub}} / Category:Chinese mythology stubs

{{Weightlifting-stub}} / Category:Weightlifting stubs

{{Estonia-band-stub}} (redlinked cat)

{{Idaho-bio-stub}} / redlinked cat

{{Belgium-actor-stub}} / Category:Belgian actor stubs

Newly discovered, January 2007

{{Rasta-stub}} / Category:Rastafari stubs

Canada-org-stub / Canadian organization stubs

Various -football-bio-stubs

Other stubs from Hesperian

{{MN-LRT-stub}} (redirect: {{MSP-LRT-stub}}) / Category:Light Rail in Minnesota stubs


This now has 40+ articles and a WPJ; I'll list it on STUBS. Her Pegship (tis herself) 23:21, 14 September 2007 (UTC)



This one has grown to 120+. Listing on WP:WSS/ST. Valentinian T / C 20:42, 18 May 2007 (UTC)

Category:Ethics stubs

{{Slovakia-footy-bio-stub}} / Category:Slovak football biography stubs

{{design-stub}} / Category:Design stubs

{{Aviation-terminology-stub}} and associated cat


Baltic tv-stubs


Category:College basketball stubs

{{Pr-stub}}, {{Pr-company-stub}}, plus redirects and categories

Musician stub categories


Strange goings-on at Uttaranchal/Uttarakhand


{{Townsville-stub}} / no category

{{Mtsu-stub}} / Category:MTSU stubs

{{Zimbabwe-ethno-group-stub}} / (upmerged)

{{Design-stub}} and Category:Design_stubs

{{Sumo-bio-stub}} (and redirect {{Sumo-wrestler-stub}})

{{Australia-tv-bio-stub}} / Category:Australian television biography stubs

{{Pixar-stub}} (no category)

{{ZA-telecoms-stub}}, redlinked category


{{India-protected-area-stub}} and category

{{GPS-stub}} (no cat)