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Old business[edit]

Proposals, July 2009[edit]

Please check how many articles qualify for a stub type before proposing it.

If (after approval) you create a stub type, please be sure to add it to the list of stub types. This page will be archived in its entirety once all discussions have been closed; there is no need to move them to another page.


Second split of Category:Brazil stubs[edit]




Split of Category:China stubs[edit]

Split of Category:United States history stubs[edit]

Split of Category:Brazil geography stubs[edit]

Category:King County, Washington geography stubs[edit]

Category:Virginia geography stubs[edit]

Composer templates for Europe[edit]

Create remaining templates for European scientists[edit]

Split Category:German politician stubs by party[edit]

Speedy {{Germany-SPD-politician-stub}} and Category:Social Democratic Party of Germany politician stubs[edit]

Category:Prehistoric even-toed ungulate stubs/{{paleo-eventoedungulate-stub}}[edit]

Category:Allegheny County, Pennsylvania geography stubs[edit]



Conductor templates for Europe[edit]



Category:New South Wales river stubs[edit]

Category:Ski areas and resorts stubs with template {{ski-resort-stub}}[edit]

Speedy Category:Karlovy Vary Region geography stubs and Category:Liberec Region geography stubs[edit]

Southern African Universities[edit]

Category:Taiwanese singer stubs[edit]



Category:Libyan sportspeople stubs[edit]

Westerb Australia rail stub[edit]

Split of Category:Oregon geography stubs[edit]

Speedy Category:East Azarbaijan Province geography stubs[edit]


Speedy Category:Swedish castle stubs, Category:Latvian castle stubs, Category:Austrian castle stubs[edit]

Category:Aviation accident stubs[edit]

Speedy {{Belgium-castle-stub}} and Category:Belgian castle stubs[edit]



Category:Communications satellite stubs / {{comsat-stub}} {{communications-satellite-stub}}[edit]

Create medical biography templates by country[edit]

Speedy Category:Sri Lankan politician stubs[edit]

Speedy Category:Hardy Boys novel stubs and {{HardyBoys-novel-stub}}[edit]