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Proposals, February 2010

Please check how many articles qualify for a stub type before proposing it.

If (after approval) you create a stub type, please be sure to add it to the list of stub types. This page will be archived in its entirety once all discussions have been closed; there is no need to move them to another page.


split of Category:Algeria geography stubs

More fish stubs

More magazine templates

Category:Norwegian historian stubs

Category:Punjab (Pakistan) geography stubs

Split of Category:fish stubs

Split of Category:Cypriniformes stubs

Category:Freestyle skiing biography stubs

Split of Category:American poet stubs


split of Category:Submarine stubs

final split of brazil

split of Category:Tortricidae stubs

Category:Physics stub

New software stub categories


Category:Nanotechnology stubs

Magazine Stubs (again)



Iguana/Chameleon Stub


Category:Storage software stubs

Magazine stub templates

Category:Indian hospital stubs

Category:Pakistan hospital stubs

Category:People's Republic of China hospital stubs

Category:Running back, 1900s birth stubs

Category:French organisation stubs

Split of Category:European painter stubs

Category:Indonesian sports venue stubs

split of Category:European judo biography stubs

Category:Methodist stubs