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This is an archive of discussions from Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Proposals for the month of January 2008. Please move completed January discussions to this page as they occur, add discussion headers to each proposal showing the result, and leave incomplete discussions on the Proposals page. After January, the remainder of the discussions will be moved to this page, whether stub types have been created or not.

Those who create a stub template/cat should be responsible for moving the discussion here and listing the stub type in the archive summary.

Stub proposers please note: Items tagged as "nocreate" or "no consensus" are welcome for re-proposal if and when circumstances are auspicious.


{{Egypt-sport-bio-stub}} / category pending sort

Category:Sports stubs by nationality

2 more for de upmerger

Category:Detroit Tigers season stubs

Category:Antigua and Barbuda geography stubs

Category:Grenada geography stubs

Category:Burma geography stubs split

3 countries sportspeople stubs

Category:Dutch water polo biography stubs

Category:German rowing biography stubs & Category:German swimming biography stubs

Drogheda Stub

Category:French rugby union biography stubs

Category:Canadian swimming biography stubs

Category:Snowboarding biography stubs

Algerian sportspeople stubs

Category:Wyoming radio station stubs

Category:Kansas radio station stubs

Category:Brunei geography stubs

{{Mexico-tv-station-stub}} / Category:Mexico television station stubs

Split of Category:Bay of Plenty-East Coast geography stubs

Category:Hawaii radio station stubs

Category:Kiribati geography stubs

Category:United States Virgin Islands geography stubs

Category:Saint Vincent and the Grenadines geography stubs

Category:Maine radio station stubs

Category:Kentucky radio station stubs

Category:Alaska radio station stubs


Category:Wisconsin Registered Historic Place stubs

Category:Mississippi radio station stubs

Category:United Kingdom winter sports biography stubs

split of Category:United Kingdom rugby union biography stubs

Category:Connecticut radio station stubs

Category:Child actor stubs

Category:Diving biography stubs

Category:Romanian athletics biography stubs

Category:Canary Islands geography stubs

Category:Kuwait geography stubs

Category:United Kingdom cycling biography stubs

Regional subcategories for Canada-radio-stubs

Category:Martinique geography stubs

Category:Mayotte geography stubs

Category:German cycling biography stubs

Category:Guadeloupe geography stubs

Categories for Iranian provinces (geo)

Split of {{Burma-geo-stub}}

Hawaiʻi history

Upmerged cycling biography templates

Upmerged athletics tempaltes

Split of Category:Badminton biography stubs

Split of Category:United Kingdom sportspeople stubs

Category:Bhutan geography stubs

Category:Spurge stubs

Category:Vermont radio station stubs

Category:Rugby union biography stubs

Category:Cricket biography stubs split

Category:Boxing biography stubs split

Category:Archery biography stubs

Category:Rugby league biography stubs

Category:Swimming biography stubs split

Category:Oklahoma radio station stubs

West Virginia geography stubs


Category:high school coach stubs

Category:Algeria geography stubs split

Category:North American radio station stubs


Category:Taiwanese company stubs

Split of Category:Argentina geography stubs