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Welcome to the Swaminarayan WikiProject

Swaminarayano Vijayte
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Welcome to the Swaminarayan WikiProject. The Swaminarayan Wikiproject encompasses all Swaminarayan related articles. The Swaminarayan Wikiproject is dedicated to the improvement of Swaminarayan related articles and Hinduism related articles. The group of editors who are members of this project share a common goal for the extension and improvement of Swaminarayan related articles as well as Hinduism related articles. The group's goals include providing accurate and detailed information about the Swaminarayan Faith. The project's primary goals are:

  • Improve the quality of Swaminarayan and Hindu related articles
  • Build on top of the amount information on Wikipedia with accurate and detailed articles
  • Maintain a neutral point of view on all articles even with a difference in faiths amoung the project's participants

If you are interested in becoming a member of this group to improve Swaminarayan related articles, we strongly encourage you to become a participant. As a member, you will

  • be notified when major changes have occured or when help is needed
  • have an active role in large group discussions and polls
  • be able to more easily communicate with editors who also show an interest in this topic


To participate and become a member of this wikiproject, please sign below. Click here to join.

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A list of all Swaminarayan-related articles can be found here

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The Swaminarayan-related articles listed below were chosen by the election of Wikipedians to be a featured article on the main page of Wikipedia. Featured articles are of excellent quality and are considered the best works produced by Wikipedians. To nominate a Swaminarayan-related article to become one of the featured articles, put it up for a vote at the featured articles candidate page.

The Current Featured Articles are:

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If there is an article, list, or category that falls within the scope of this project, use the code below to produce a banner on the article's talk page (not the main article page) that will mark the article as within the scope of this project.

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