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Naming of articles[edit]

(1) The article is placed at the title with municipality's official name in the local language, if there is no other article with the same name and if there is no usual English name¹ for the municipality, e.g.
(2) If there are several official languages and there are different official names for each, the most common is used:
(3) If there is another article at (1) or (2), e.g. about a place in other country, ", Switzerland" is added to the name: e.g.
(4) If the name of the municipality (city) is more common than the one of others elsewhere (Wikipedia:Disambiguation#Is there a primary topic?), it remains at the name at (1) and (2), e.g.
(5) If there are several municipalities with the same name, the name of the canton is added to each, unless one is more common, e.g.
(6) If there are several municipalities or places with the same name within a canton, the locally used disambiguator (if not already part of the official name) should be used, e.g.
(7) The names of subnational entities in Switzerland don't usually collide with the town's name, as cantons and districts named after the municipality are named as follows:
Cantons named after the capital are titled "Cantons of (capital)", e.g.
Districts named after the district seat usually take " (district)", e.g.
(8) Redirects should

¹ Usual English name is Lucerne instead of German "Luzern", Geneva instead of French "Genève". Zurich instead of German "Zürich" is debated.

² In cases (3) and (5), French language Wikipedia uses the name of the canton in parenthesis, the German language Wikipedia the two-letter abbreviation of the canton.