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WikiProject Tamil civilization

Infoboxes Info[edit]

We are WikiProject Tamil civilization, are a group of Wikipedians, who try to improve articles related to the Tamils. Please feel free to join our WikiProject by posting your name in the participants and participating at your own pace. On the to-do list you'll find tasks were you can help.

The Tamils[edit]

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The Tamil people (Tamilதமிழர், tamiẓar (singular) ? or Tamilதமிழர்கள், tamiẓarkaḷ (plural) ?, also called Tamils, Tamilans or Tamilians, are an ethnic group in South Asia, who speak Tamil as their mother tongue. The geo-cultural region of Tamils comprise the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Indian Union territory of Puducherry, or the Northern, Eastern Province and Puttalam District in Sri Lanka. The Tamils are one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a unbroken history of more than 2000 years. There are also a large Tamil Diaspora communities scattered around the world, especially in Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Australia, Canada, the United States, and Europe. The estimated population of Tamils in the world is around 77 million.

Nuvola apps kpdf.png Goals[edit]

Tamil distribution.png WikiProject Tamil civilization
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Things to do
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  • To standardize Tamil related articles in Wikipedia.
  • To protect Tamil related articles from vandalism.
  • To improve Wikipedia coverage of Tamil related articles through additions and expansions.
  • To serve as a central point of discussion for issues related to Tamil related articles.

Divisions Scope[edit]

WikiProject Tamil civilization is a collaboration to create, improve, and expand articles related to the Tamil people, their history, languages, and culture.

All of these articles should be included in the following categories:

  • The project will cover all aspects of Tamil related articles from their homelands in India, Sri Lanka, and expatriate countries like Malaysia, and Singapore .

Sister Project[edit]

Assessment of articles[edit]

Below is a bot generated table of the assessment process of Tamil related articles. See also Wikipedia:WikiProject Tamil civilization/Assessment.

Open tasks[edit]

Here you can add tasks. Interested members can help you.

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Tamil civilization:

Here are some open tasks you can do:

  1. Redirect Chola dynasty to Chola Empire.
  2. Make the follwing articles featured:
    1. People: Sivaji Ganesan, Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar, Vipulanandar, Vallalaar, Sittarkal
    2. Places: Thanjavur, Tiruchirapalli, Madurai, Coimbatore,Tirunelveli
    3. History:Madras Presidency, Sangam Literature featured.
  3. Create Tamil civilization Portal news section and DYKs. ***needs work***
  4. Create Tamil civilization stubs.
  5. All articles should have the {{WPTAMCIV}} banner added to their talk pages and be added to the Articles page.
  6. Observe improvements, other changes, and vandalism to these articles with the recent changes function.
  7. Create a page for Third Sangam, Tholkappiyar and Nakkirar
  8. Create a category for the Sangam poets. See Category:Tamil Epic poets
  9. Expand on page for the Thirukkural and translate it into as many languages as possible.

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