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WikiProject Taxation
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  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles that describe all aspects of Taxation.
  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of Taxation by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles.
  • To serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to Taxation articles in Wikipedia.

The broad objective of the Taxation Wikiproject is to expand the coverage and content of articles related to taxes. More specifically, we need to have more taxation related Good articles and Featured articles.


The scope of this project is to provide guidelines on topics related to taxation and provide a space, where users can collaborate to improve related articles.


If you want to join, simply help out and add your name to the Members. For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.



The assessment department focuses on assessing the quality of Wikipedia's taxation articles. The article ratings are used within the project itself to aid in recognizing excellent contributions and identifying topics in need of further work.

The ratings are done in a distributed fashion through parameters in the {{WikiProject Taxation}} project banner; this causes the articles to be placed in a set of categories that serves as the basis for an automatically generated worklist.


The project's Collaboration of the Month seeks to identify particular articles that would benefit from a significant collaborative effort. Every month, a single article is selected as the focus, and the project attempts to improve it, potentially to featured article standards. The current collaboration article is Tax, tariff and trade.

Any taxation articles (except for current featured articles and featured article candidates) are eligible, and everyone is invited to nominate articles.

Peer review[edit]

The peer review department conducts peer reviews of articles on request; this helps to obtain ideas for further improvement by having contributors who may not have previously worked on particular articles examine them. Project members are invited to submit articles to the department in lieu of using the generic peer review process.


The translation department of the Taxation WikiProject aims to utilize high-quality non-English material related to taxation for the goals of the project. This includes both translating articles from and to other-language Wikipedias as well as assisting contributors with non-English sources.


Feel free to add yourself here, if you are interested in helping out with the project in any capacity. For people who use userboxes, insert {{User wikipedia/WikiProject Taxation}} on your userpage (see Userbox template for an example):

Username Nationality Areas of interest
0. Transferpricer (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom In-house real-world Transfer Pricing, Transfer Pricing Systems
1. Morphh (talk · contribs)  United States WikiProject Taxation, US tax articles, Peer-reviews, Global tax concepts
2. Famspear (talk · contribs)  United States
3. Mgunn (talk · contribs)  United States
4. Taxman (talk · contribs) Admin mop.PNG (Admin) US tax law, retirement plans, economics and taxes in general.
5. Peter Reilly (talk · contribs)  United States
6. Coemgenus (talk · contribs)  United States U.S. Tax law, especially transfer tax.
7. Quarl (talk · contribs) Admin mop.PNG (Admin)  United States
8. Mcgovernb (talk · contribs)  United States
9. Kike Peru Tax (talk · contribs)  Peru
10. Jguk (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom UK corporation tax; b:Taxation in the United Kingdom
11. Have Gun, Will Travel (talk · contribs)  United States US tax planning; proposed legislative changes; economic impact.
11. Poldavo (talk · contribs)  Spain Tax reforms in developing countries; taxation and democracy.
13. SandalsMan (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Taxation in the United Kingdom
14. tibi08 (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom UK corporation tax; EU law/cases with regards to UK tax; transfer pricing
15. Winklethorpe (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Taxation in the United Kingdom; Property tax; business rates
16. Cilldara (talk · contribs)  Ireland Taxation in the Republic of Ireland
17. FloridaTaxMan (talk · contribs)  United States
18. Dhshah (talk · contribs)  India India, UK and US Taxation
19. Sanjiv swarup (talk · contribs)  India Taxation in the United Kingdom
18. Vence1234 (talk · contribs)  India Taxation in India
20. Goingempty (talk · contribs)  Canada
21. EECavazos (talk · contribs)  United States US Tax law; charitable organization tax law
22. Eggmanesquire (talk · contribs)  United States U.S. international tax law; tax treaties; transfer pricing.
23. ApolloRPL (talk · contribs)  United States U.S. federal taxation.
24. Gangstories (talk · contribs)  United States Peer review of taxation articles; public finance; economics of taxation; U.S. federal, state and local taxation; Tax Freedom Day
25. SIC-Schaengelchen (talk · contribs)  Germany Taxation in Germany
26. gbroiles (talk · contribs)  United States US federal & state tax law
27. AliMaghrebi (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom
PAYE Europe/ Maghreb
28. DWR (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Taxation in the United Kingdom
29. Tarun2k (talk · contribs)  India International taxation, Taxation in India, Value Added Tax, and WikiProject Taxation
30. Suryabirsingh (talk · contribs)  India Tax compliance solutions, Taxation in India, Value Added Tax, Service Tax (India) and WikiProject Taxation
31. Theban Moon (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Taxation in the United Kingdom, Employee benefits & pensions
32. Fedtax2 (talk · contribs)  United States US federal & state tax law
33. Agiletax (talk · contribs)  United States US state & local tax law, Sales & Use Tax, Canadian PST & GST
34. Law (talk · contribs)  United States US state & local tax law, Corporate taxation, IRS codes
35. Pah777 (talk · contribs)  France Taxation in France
36. Pelon93 (talk · contribs)  United States IL Sales & Use Taxes
37. nya_gwu (talk · contribs)  United States Property tax
38. Louis Do Nothing (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Tariffs
39. Dbk1441 (talk · contribs)  United States US partnership taxation, individual taxation
40. Onegentlemanofverona (talk · contribs)  United States US corporate taxation & international taxation, and EU direct tax policy
41. Sfcardwell (talk · contribs)  United States US international taxation
42. MichTaxAtty (talk · contribs)  United States US nonprofit taxation, estate and gift taxation
43. Pbcflea (talk · contribs)  United States US individual, corporate, partnership, trust, estate and gift taxation
44. Bot-iww (talk · contribs)  Lithuania Taxation in Baltic States (LT, LV, EE)
45. Rzlaw (talk · contribs)  United States Estate, Business, Partnership, Trust, and Gift Tax Planning
46. James Kessler QC (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Taxation in the United Kingdom
47. BarristerXVII (talk · contribs)  United States US corporate, pass through, non profit; state and local, property, sales and use taxes; trust, estate & gift
48. (resigned)
4p. Mike20878 (talk · contribs)  United States US income tax (fed, state, local) & related
50. Inluminetuovidebimuslumen (talk · contribs)  United States
51. Seniorexpat (talk · contribs)  United States International taxation
52. Passiveloss (talk · contribs)  United States US Taxation - Partnerships, S-Corporations & Individuals
53. Carpalim (talk · contribs)  Norway Taxation in Norway; economics of taxation
54. Greenbank58 (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Taxation in the United Kingdom; economics of taxation
55. SKV International1 (talk · contribs)  Sweden Taxation in Sweden; International taxation;
56. geraldshields11 (talk · contribs)  United States US Taxation - Partnerships, S-Corporations & Individuals & related
57. Harsh_2580 (talk · contribs)  India Taxation in India, Value Added Tax, Service Tax (India)
58. Harishrawat11 (talk · contribs)  India Taxation in India, Global tax concepts,tax administration around the world,taxation law enforcement,customs enforcement.
59. moabalan (talk · contribs)  United States US Federal income tax; tax liens and sales
60. EllenCT (talk · contribs)  United States US taxes and inequality
61. Jacobshwartzlucas (talk · contribs)  United States Land Value Taxation and Economic Rent
62. Grambow (talk · contribs)  United States US Federal Taxation
63. Jsullastres (talk · contribs)  Spain International Taxation, Double Taxation Agreements, European Taxation, Residence Issues, Spanish Taxation, VAT, Financial Products Taxation, Derivaties, ForEx
64. Tortfeasible (talk · contribs)  United States
65. Masssly (talk · contribs)  Ghana Revenue and Tax Data Analysis
65. MicroMacroMania (talk · contribs)  Denmark Adding pages about tax systems around the world already added bulgaria and czech :)
67. APHST (talk · contribs)  United Kingdom Taxation in the United Kingdom; Value-added tax
68. Henry29140 (talk · contribs)  Hong Kong Hong Kong Tax
69. Waters.Justin (talk · contribs)  United States Using tax records from GuideStar to promote financial transparency.
70. ChristopherFloss (talk · contribs)  United States U.S.A. Tax Law.
71. Ouanor (talk · contribs)  United States US Federal and International Taxation
72. taxman1040a (talk · contribs)  United States US Federal and State Taxation
74. Capankajsmilyo (talk · contribs)  India Indian Taxation
75. TheMetalMage (talk · contribs)  United States US Property Taxation
76. RootStriker (talk · contribs)  Canada Tax and developing countries, tax administration in Africa, corporate taxation, BEPS
77. Xehoz (talk · contribs)  Portugal International and EU tax law
78. Alyssataxtech (talk · contribs)  United States US Transaction Tax
79. Ned Netterville (talk · contribs)  United States USA income and employment taxes; morality of taxation.
74. Jn045 (talk · contribs)  India Taxation laws of India - Both direct and Indirect Taxes. Double-Taxation Avoidance Agreements


Article alerts[edit]

Crystal Clear app error.svg The following articles are under some action. Please periodically review and help out.

Redirects for discussion
Good article nominees

  • 2 Aug. 2014 - This important page Transfer_pricing has been dormant since 2010. At that time the seminal OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines were revised, restructured and republished as a different document; as a result the main link in the article to the old version of the Guidelines no longer works, starting in the "History" section. I have added a new link to the read-only version for non-OECD-subscribers, but the article needs to be revamped to account for this development. Seniorexpat (talk) 06:54, 31 July 2014 (UTC) (talk)

Article requests[edit]

Splitsection.svg The following articles have been requested for creation.

  1. War Revenue Act of 1898
  2. Aggregates Levy (UK)
  3. Selective Employment Tax (UK)
  4. House Duty (UK)
  5. Informal Taxation
  6. Mining Taxation
  7. Tax and Development
  8. Fiscal State Aid

Merge suggestions[edit]

Merge-arrows.svg The following articles are candidates for Merge. Please review the proposal and add your opinion.

  1. (Discuss) - Merge Progressive tax, Regressive tax, and Proportional tax into Tax progressivity
  2. (Discuss) - Merge Circular 230 and Individual Taxpayer Identification Number into Internal Revenue Service.
  3. (Discuss) - Merge Category:Taxation by country into Category:National taxation articles
  4. (Discuss) - Merge Internal Revenue Code of 1986, which has a short, inaccurate history of the conversion from the 1954 code to the 1986 code, plus a time-specific table with no time reference, into Internal Revenue Code. Alternatively delete the 1986 article.
  5. (Discuss) - Merge Harmful_Tax_Competition:_An_Emerging_Global_Issue into a more encompassing article on Harmful Tax Competition.

Split suggestions[edit]

Split-arrows.svg The following articles are candidates for a Split. Please review the proposal and add your opinion.

  1. (Discuss) - Property tax article, within the US section, create separate topics for the levy process, property valuation (including cycles), limitations imposed by states, residential relief, economic development incentive programs, exemptions, special districts.

Move suggestions[edit]

Merge-arrow.svg The following articles are candidates for a Move. Please review the proposal and add your opinion.

Deletion suggestions[edit]

Crystal Clear mimetype recycled.svg The following articles have been proposed for deletion.

Note to group: we now have the following mostly-redundant articles, nearly all authored by User:Boyd_Reimer (and otherwise as noted):

  • Tobin tax (quadrupled by BR)
  • Financial transaction tax
  • Spahn tax
  • Currency transaction tax
  • Bank tax
  • Robin Hood Tax (a lobbying campaign by Oxfam, article originally authored by an Oxfam intern)

The last was the subject of an AfD controversy settled as "keep" with the proviso that advertising material and material redundant with Tobin tax be removed. (It remains as it was)

What's up with this??

Globalize requests[edit]

Gnome-globe.svg The following articles need to be globalized because they do not reflect the tax law of all relevant jurisdictions.


Stub template[edit]

Project banner template[edit]

WikiProject Taxation (Rated NA-class)
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Taxation, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of tax-related articles on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 NA  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

Userbox template[edit]

Crystal Clear app Volume Manager.png This user is a member of the Taxation WikiProject.

Article topic templates[edit]

{{Public finance}} {{UStaxation}} {{UKtaxation}}

Other article templates[edit]

{{US tax acts}}
{{Taxation in Europe}}

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