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Wikipedia:WikiProject Tea Article Guidelines are applicable to article on specific types of tea such as Da Hong Pao or Bai Hao Yinzhen.

Choosing a name[edit]

An important question is choosing a name for your article, this can be problematic, and you have to ask the question How much detail to go into?. For example, the Darjeeling tea article refers to the Black tea made in Darjeeling and provides a disambiguation for the other types, describing it all in one article would have been problematic. Hence for teas that have a placename this is an option.

Avoiding problems[edit]

  • Always add tea to the back of a name like Yunnan tea rather than Yunnan and in other cases, this is because many names are either placenames or names in Chinese that can have diverse meanings (i.e. Yinzhen and Bai Hao Yinzhen tea).
  • Spelling in Chinese dialects, not yet available. This will concern the English phonetic of which Chinese dialect. Please see the Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Tea/Guidelines.
  • Use a common name of a tea but do not translate from Chinese if this is not the accepted name again to avoid problems. For example Gunpowder is an accepted name for a tea that has a Chinese phonetic name, but Yinzhen does not need to be translated to Silver Needle as it is an accepted name.

Formatting the article[edit]

You can use the Template:Tea new type article if you wish, but it is important to always (as with all Wikipedia articles) to cite your sources in a References section.

Avoiding problems[edit]

  • Readability is greatly enhanced if the technical other names are moved to the infobox, this has been a problem with some pages.
  • The taste of the tea is very much a personal experience, you should add it to an article knowing that it must be edited by other people to be refined to a generally accepeted form.