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Wikipedia:WikiProject Tea Type Guidelines are intended for articles such as Black Tea so that a standard way of presenting teas belonging to a class can be reached.

Listing teas[edit]

In the Black tea article a categorized list is used because the tea is so different depending on the growing region and they only share some common charectaristics. Alphabetical categorisation is used for the major blocks i.e. China comes higher than India and Sri Lanka.

In other articles the following is used to list the teas


===Chinese White teas==

; ''[[Bai Hao Yinzhen tea|Bai Hao Yinzhen]]'': from [[Fujian|Fujian Province]], [[China]] 
; ''[[Bai Mu Dan tea|Bai Mu Dan]]'': from [[Fujian|Fujian Province]], [[China]]
; ''[[Shou Mei tea|Shou Mei]]'': from [[Fujian|Fujian Province]], [[China]]