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== Veronica Mars task force ==
The Veronica Mars task force is a part of WikiProject Television. The purpose of this task force is to add and improve content on Wikipedia related to the Veronica Mars television program.
== Goals ==
The task force's primarily goals are to:
  • Create, expand, and improve articles related to Veronica Mars — while the show might have ended, works and essays regarding it are still being produced.
  • Organize and manage the content of those articles within our scope — if an article isn't properly indexed and referenced, then it does not benefit Wikipedia as best as possible.
  • Be bold — edit and improve articles that might require it, begin and become involved in discussions on article talk pages, and make suggestions on how this task force can be improved by posting on our talk page.
  • Strive for Featured and Good article grades — improve articles in our scope to the point of them becoming Featured and/or Good Articles.
== Tasks ==
Watch the task force talk page for discussions regarding forthcoming projects we are considering undertaking.

Major tasks[edit]

Minor or routine tasks[edit]

  • Add the navbar and banner (see bottom of this page) to all pages within our scope.
  • Avoid citation problems on pages within our scope, specifically adding {{Cite episode}} for episode references and {{Cite video}} for Special Features from DVD being referenced.

Articles needing expansion[edit]

Articles needing cleanup[edit]

== Categories ==

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== Guidelines ==
== Recent news ==
== Statistics ==
== Announcements ==
Featured article candidates:
Cscr-candidate.png None at this time.  
Good article candidates:
GA candidate.svg None at this time.  
== Featured content ==
Featured lists:
Featured article star.svg List of Veronica Mars episodes  November 15, 2008
Featured article star.svg Veronica Mars (season 1)  March 28, 2009
Featured article star.svg Veronica Mars (season 2)  April 11, 2009
Featured article star.svg Veronica Mars (season 3)  April 21, 2009
Good articles:
Symbol support vote.svg Veronica Mars  October 9, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Pilot (Veronica Mars)  November 18, 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Leave It to Beaver (Veronica Mars)  August 10, 2010
Symbol support vote.svg "Weapons of Class Destruction"  June 7, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Not Pictured"  July 3, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Rat Saw God"  July 11, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Normal Is the Watchword"  July 30, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Donut Run"  August 5, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "President Evil"  August 11, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Charlie Don't Surf (Veronica Mars)"  August 17, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Wichita Linebacker"  August 24, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "The Rapes of Graff"  September 10, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "I Am God"  September 10, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "A Trip to the Dentist"  September 28, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Welcome Wagon (Veronica Mars)"  October 15, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Lord of the Pi's"  October 17, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Spit & Eggs"  October 19, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Of Vice and Men"  October 23, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Show Me the Monkey"  October 24, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves"  October 28, 2015
Symbol support vote.svg "There's Got to Be a Morning After Pill"  January 3, 2016
Did You Know articles:
Updated DYK query.svg Veronica Mars (season 3)  November 15, 2008
== Participants ==
Click here to add your name to our Members list. Just add the text # ~~~~ to the bottom of the existing list to join.


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All members can place one or more of this task force's userboxes on their user page. The base userbox, {{User Veronica Mars task force}}, produces:

VM This user is a member of the
Veronica Mars task force.

There are several variations available of the userbox; please view the userbox template page for details.

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== Templates ==
=== Navbar ===
Add the navbar using the markup {{VeronicaMars}} to the bottom all Veronica Mars-related articles.
=== Banner ===
Add the banner using the markup {{WikiProject Television|class=|importance=|vmars=yes|vmars-importance=}} in the appropriate location (near the top) of all Veronica Mars-related article talk pages.
Please reference the templates individual page for more details on usage.
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