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WikiProject The Simpsons' Featured topic Drive is a concentrated effort to get various topics about The Simpsons to good or featured topic status.



If you would like to participate, there are several ways. You could:

  • Help clean up articles that are already GAs or GACs. Reviewers and copyediters are EXTREMELY helpful.
  • Work on improving an article so it is A class or of FA quality. Having every article be an FA is not a requirement, but having a few helps.
  • Claim an article that is unclaimed and get it to GA status.
    • The Season DVDs are helpful, but not required. One could simply clean up everything but the production section and then wait for somebody who owns the DVDs to add one.
    • The articles should all be modelled after the current GA & FAs.
    • In order to claim an article, simply put your name next to it and move it to the "Claimed articles that are not GACs". If you do not own the DVDs, then add a note and somebody will help.
Help out as a GA reviewer

Note: You can also help out by pitching in to clear the ever-present backlog at WP:GAN, specifically by reviewing articles above those GA candidates in the queue of the subsection where WP:DOH-related GACs are waiting. This will help to speed up the process, while helping other uninvolved editors get their articles reviewed too, and also hopefully it will be fun for you to learn about the Good article criteria and review process.

Additional note: Please pick GACs to review of articles you have not been involved in as a significant contributor, articles unrelated to WP:DOH, and also of users you don't generally encounter. In this regard you will be an impartial GA reviewer, and learn more about a wider range of topics as well.

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