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Some Wikipedians have formed a Project to better organize information in articles related to The X-Files franchise. It attempts to coordinate collaborative writing efforts, organize and create standards for making good articles. It endeavours to create a good reference for The X-Files universe in encyclopedic terms. If you want to join, simply help out and add your name to the Participants.

This Wikiproject aims to create profiles for all major facets, characters, races and technologies in The X-Files universe, and create a consistent look for each kind of page. Most new topics can be incorporated into existing articles; we do not need fancruft or pages on minor things, such as Eves. It is also our goal to create a complete and comprehensive episode guide in the form of season articles, and where applicable, episode articles, and to organize all The X-Files pages and link them all systematically, making The X-Files database easy to navigate.
Please refer to the talk page for discussions regarding major projects. Click here and here for a list of recent changes to The X-Files-related pages.
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Recognised content
Featured content
Featured article star.svg Squeeze (The X-Files)  June 21, 2012
Featured article star.svg Triangle (The X-Files)  August 4, 2012
Featured article star.svg The Post-Modern Prometheus  September 8, 2012
Featured article star.svg Deep Throat (The X-Files episode)  September 11, 2012
Featured article star.svg The Truth (The X-Files)  October 7, 2012
Featured article star.svg Gender Bender (The X-Files)  October 14, 2012
Featured article star.svg Terms of Endearment (The X-Files)  November 16, 2012
Featured article star.svg The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati  February 1, 2013
Featured article star.svg Deadalive  June 22, 2013
Featured article star.svg X-Cops (The X-Files)  August 17, 2013
Featured article star.svg The Unnatural (The X-Files)  November 25, 2013
Featured article star.svg Home (The X-Files)  December 9, 2013
Featured article star.svg Ice (The X-Files)  October 31, 2015
Cscr-featured.png List of The X-Files episodes  September 18, 2012
Cscr-featured.png List of Millennium episodes  March 13, 2014
Cscr-featured.png List of Millennium episodes  October 14, 2015
Good content
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 1)"  January 17, 2012
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 2)"  October 3, 2012
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 3)"  December 23, 2012
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 4)"  July 14, 2013
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 5)"  October 27, 2012
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 6)"  July 25, 2012
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 7)"  July 25, 2012
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 8)"  July 25, 2012
Support cluster.svg "The X-Files (season 9)"  September 8, 2012
Support cluster.svg "Mythology of The X-Files, Volume 1"  April 20, 2012
Support cluster.svg "Mythology of The X-Files, Volume 2"  July 25, 2012
Support cluster.svg "Mythology of The X-Files, Volume 3"  July 25, 2012
Support cluster.svg "Mythology of The X-Files, Volume 4"  September 9, 2012
Support cluster.svg "Millennium (season 1)"  July 25, 2012
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Recent happenings
  • The X-Files franchise continues to be on hiatus after releasing The X-Files: I Want to Believe.
  • All of The X-Files episode articles, and many of the Millennium episode articles have been promoted to Good Article status. Huge congratulations to everyone involved!
  • Other possible topics have been outlined here.

Anyone interested in joining and participating in this WikiProject is free to do so. If you are a member, or would like to join this WikiProject, just place one of the Userboxes below to your user page (the userboxes will add the user to the members category), and/or add your name to the list below. This allows users to find likeminded wikipedians faster. Users who haven't contributed to the project, or Wikipedia in general, in a while will be added to the "Retired or inactive participants" list. They will be re-added to the "Active participants" list once they are active again.

The following users are active or semi-active: