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The railroad of The Allentown Terminal Railroad Company, herein called the Allentown Terminal, is a partly double-track, standard-gauge, steam-operated terminal railroad, located at Allentown, Pa. The owned main-track mileage extends from a junction with the Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company in the city of Allentown through Allentown and South Allentown, Pa., to a point where it connects again with the same railroad in the township of Hanover, 3.629 miles, including branches. The Allentown Terminal also owns 3.112 miles of second main track and 7.106 miles of yard tracks and sidings. Its road thus embraces 13.847 miles of all tracks owned. On date of valuation the entire property is jointly used by the Philadelphia and Reading Railway Company and The Central Railroad Company of New Jersey.


The Allentown Terminal was incorporated August 20, 1888, the date of its organization, under a general law of Pennsylvania, approved April 4, 1888. The purpose of the Allentown Terminal was to construct a railroad at a point on the railroad of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company (Lehigh and Susquehanna Railroad) in Hanover Township, through the city of Allentown, Pa., to a point near the plant of the Allentown Iron Company.


In October, 1888, the Allentown Terminal commenced the construction of its road, which was completed and placed in operation in 1889.