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The railroad of the Bergen and Dundee Railroad Company, herein called the Bergen and Dundee, is a branch line, located entirely within the State of New Jersey and extends from Garfield to Passaic, 2.206 miles, of which 0.179 mile is double-tracked.


The Bergen and Dundee was incorporated July 8, 1885, under the general laws of New Jersey for the purpose of acquiring a portion of the railroad of The Bergen County Railroad Company, known as the "Dundee Spur," and to extend it to a point at the north end of Vreeland Lake in Passaic, N. J. The "Dundee Spur" was turned over to the Bergen and Dundee, about the date of its incorporation, but the records reviewed do not indicate that it has ever been formally conveyed to the Bergen and Dundee. The title to the right of way on which the road of the Bergen and Dundee is constructed, is held by The Bergen County Railroad Company. The date of organization of the Bergen and Dundee was July 8, 1885.


The owned mileage of the Bergen and Dundee, 2.206 miles, (not including right of way) was acquired partly from The Bergen County Railroad Company, as previously explained, and partly by construction, but the exact mileage thus acquired or constructed was not determined from the records reviewed. The records reviewed indicate that the entire 2.206 miles of road was constructed by The New York, Lake Erie and Western Railroad Company during the years 1881 and 1885. There is a difference of 0.002 mile between the mileage recorded by this company, 2.204 miles, and the mileage, 2.206 miles, inventoried as of date of valuation.