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The railroad of the Combs, Cass and Eastern Railroad Company, hereinafter called the carrier, is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad, extending in a southerly and easterly direction from Combs to Cass, Ark., a distance of 16.003 miles. The carrier wholly owns and uses 17.216 miles of all tracks.


The carrier was Incorporated January 22, 1915, as the Black Mountain and Eastern Railroad Company under the laws of the State of Arkansas. The name of this company was changed to Combs, Cass & Eastern Railroad Company on August 1, 1916.


The owned mileage of the carrier inventoried as 16.003 miles of main track was all acquired by purchase from the J. H. Phipps Lumber Company. It could not be ascertained from the records examined when this road was constructed, nor the date the carrier came into possession of it. Neither could it be determined from records obtained when the road was first devoted to common-carrier purposes.

Title to all of the right of way of the road of the carrier is vested in the J. H. Phipps Lumber Company, and all of the rails on the track are owned by the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company.