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Valuation Docket No. 546
The Detroit and Huron Railway Company

Location and general description of property.—The railroad of The Detroit and Huron Railway Company, herein called the Detroit and Huron, is a single-track, standard-gauge, steam railroad, situated entirely within the State of Michigan, extending from Cass City to Bad Axe, 18.579 miles. It also owns 5.533 miles of yard tracks and sidings, or a total of 24.112 miles of all tracks.


The Detroit and Huron was incorporated March 23, 1912, under the general laws of the State of Michigan, for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad from Cass City to Bad Axe, Mich.


The owned mileage, extending from Cass City to Bad Axe, Mich., 18.579 miles, was acquired by construction during 1912 and 1913, and was opened for operation September 28, 1913. The grading, tracklaying, bridging,