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The railroad of Franklin and Tilton Railroad, herein referred to as the Franklin and Tilton, is a single-track, standard-gage, steam railroad, situated entirely within the State of New Hampshire, and extending from Tilton to Franklin Junction, 4.957 miles. The Franklin and Tilton also owns 2.968 miles of yard tracks and sidings, or a total of 7.925 miles of all tracks. This property is operated by the carrier as a lessee through the Concord & Montreal.

Corporate history.—The Franklin and Tilton was incorporated, under a special act of New Hampshire of July 30, 1889, for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad from Tilton, N. H., to some point on the Northern Railroad in the town of Franklin, N. H. It is controlled by the Concord & Montreal and the Northern Railroad, each of which owns one-half of the outstanding capital stock. Its principal office is at Franklin, N. H.

The property was constructed under contract. Construction was was begun in about April, 1890, and completed on June 27, 1892.

History of corporate financing.—