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The railroad of Hardwick & Woodbury Railroad Company, hereinafter called the carrier, is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad, located all in Caledonia and Washington Counties, Vt. The road extends in a northerly direction from Woodbury to Buffalo Road (in the town of Hardwick), a distance of 6.874 miles. In addition to the main track there are 2.876 miles of yard and side tracks, making a total track mileage of 9.750 owned and used. The carrier leases for exclusive operation from The St. Johnsbury and Lake Champlain Railroad Company, 1.624 miles of road, extending from the northern terminus of its own line to a connection with the main line of The St. Johnsbury and Lake Champlain Railroad Company at Hardwick. There are also connected with this leased road, yard and side tracks amounting to 0.136 mile. The total mileage operated is, therefore, main track 8.398 miles, and yard tracks and sidings 3.012 miles, making a total track mileage of 11.410 miles.

Corporate history.—The carrier, which has its principal office in Hardwick, Vt., was incorporated under the general laws of that State, November 30, 1894, and organized March 16, 1895. The exact date of construction is not known. A portion of the work was done under contract by the Fletcher Granite Company, Holton Summit to Fletcher's Quarry, 0.76 mile, and by the Woodbury Granite Company, Holton Summit to Woodbury, 1 mile. The carrier built its own line from Hardwick to Holton Summit, a distance of about 7 miles.

History of corporate financing, capital stock, and long-term debt.—

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