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The railroad of Kentucky Midland Railroad Company, herein called the Kentucky Midland, is a single-track, standard-gage, steam railroad, located entirely within the State of Kentucky and extending from Central City westwardly to Midland, 6.892 miles. It also owns 1.385 miles of yard tracks and sidings. Its owned and operated mileage thus embraces 8.277 miles of all tracks. The Kentucky Midland neither owns nor uses property with others.

Reference is made to the accounting report for information respecting its predecessor company, the Kentucky Midland Railroad Company.[whaaat - it appears to have been incorporated August 31, 1904]


The Kentucky Midland was incorporated on June 18, 1908, under the general laws of Kentucky, for the purpose of purchasing, acquiring, constructing, operating, and maintaining a railroad which was to extend from Central City to Madisonville, and also for the purpose of reducing the capital stock and broadening the charter of Kentucky Midland Railroad Company, whose property the Kentucky Midland purchased.


The Kentucky Midland purchased about 6 miles of road, extending from Central City to about 1 mile from Midland, from the Kentucky Midland Railroad Company, which constructed that portion of the line about 1907. The Kentucky Midland extended the line to Midland about 1911, and the entire line of 6.892 miles was placed in operation March 21, 1911.