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Location and general description of property.—The railroad of Midland Railroad Company, is a single-track standard-gauge steam railroad located in the north-central part of Vermont. The owned mileage extends from the Canadian (Quebec) boundary line to Troy, a distance of 0.963 mile. The Midland Railroad Company also owns yard and side tracks totaling 0.601 mile. Its road thus embraces 1.464 miles of all tracks owned.

Corporate history.—The Midland Railroad Company was incorporated on November 19, 1902, by special act of the State of Vermont. This act, as revived and amended on December 18, 1906, authorized the Midland Railroad Company to construct and operate a railroad from the Canada-Vermont border to a point near Morrisville. Its organization was perfected on September 10, 1907. The property of the Midland Railroad Company existing on date of valuation was constructed by the carrier between September, 1910, and June, 1911, as an extension of the Orford Mountain Railroad (of Canada). The principal office of the Midland Railroad Company is located at Newport.

History of corporate financing, capital stock, and long-term debt.—