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The railroad of the Missouri Pacific Railroad Corporation in Nebraska, hereinafter called the Missouri Pacific in Nebraska, consists of 348.391 miles of road with 9.781 miles of second main track and comprises all of the Missouri Pacific's operated mileage in the State of Nebraska. The main line of this company extends northerly from the Nebraska-Kansas State line to Omaha and forms a part of a through route from Kansas City, Mo. The branch lines project from Auburn Junction via Weeping Water to Lincoln, Talmage, to Crete, and the Nebraska-Kansas State line to Prosser. This company also owns jointly with the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company 0.423 undivided mile of road at Lincoln.


The Missouri Pacific in Nebraska was incorporated May 1, 1917, under the general laws of Delaware, for the purpose of acquiring and operating railroads outside the State of Delaware, but more particularly to acquire through the reorganization managers the lines of railroad formerly owned by The Missouri Pacific Railway Company (of 1909), located within Nebraska.


The owned mileage, 348.814 miles, of which 348.391 miles is wholly owned and 0.423 mile jointly owned, was acquired May 12, 1917, by purchase through the reorganization managers of The Missouri Pacific Railway Company (of 1909). The entire mileage was constructed by predecessors of The Missouri Pacific Railway Company (of 1909), the details of which are given in the accounting report on the Missouri Pacific.