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The railroad of the Nashville and Atlantic Railroad Company, hereinafter called the carrier, is a single-track, standard-gage, steam railroad, located within the State of Tennessee. The main line extends southerly from Campaign to Rocky Branch, a distance of 11.893 miles. The carrier also owns 1.741 miles of yard tracks and sidings. Its road thus embraces 13.634 miles of all tracks owned and used. The carrier leases all of its rail and certain track fastenings from The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway. This is an industrial railroad controlled by the Rocky River Coal and Lumber Company, one of the principal industries served.


The carrier was incorporated and organized June 15, 1921, under the general laws of Tennessee, to construct, maintain, and operate a railroad extending from a connection with tracks of The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway at Campaign to Rocky River. Subsequently, its charter was amended, February 10, 1923, to include construction of an extension from Rocky River to Rocky Branch, all in Tennessee.


The property was acquired by construction under our authority dated September 28, 1922, 72 I.C.C. 655. About 10.45 miles of road, except ballasting, extending from Campaign to Rocky River, Tenn., was constructed by the Rocky River Coal and Lumber Company for the carrier under contract dated July 15, 1921, during the period June 19, 1921, to December 31, 1922, and was placed in operation October 1, 1922. The carrier, with its own forces, completed the section of road described above and constructed the remainder of its road, about 1.45 miles extending from Rocky River to Rocky Branch, Tenn., during the years 1923 and 1924.

All the rails and part of the other track material are leased from The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway.