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Corporate history.—The New London Northern was incorporated June 7, 1859, in Connecticut, and February 24, 1860, in Massachusetts, by special acts of the legislatures of those States, with principal office at New London, Conn.

Under special act of Connecticut approved May 23, 1860, the Connecticut and Massachusetts companies were consolidated. Organized for the purpose of acquiring the property of The New London, Willimantic and Palmer Railroad Company, it acquired this property on March 30, 1861. The property of the New London Northern was leased for sole operation to the Consolidated Railroad Company of Vermont, which lease was assigned to the carrier, terms of which lease are given in the report on the carrier. Further information in regard to corporate history and the development of fixed physical property is given in Appendix 2.

No. Name Incorporation Succession
1 New London Northern Railroad Company. In Connecticut, June 7, 1859; in Massachusetts, Feb. 24, 1860.
2 The New London, Willimantic and Palmer Railroad Company. In Massachusetts, Apr. 10, 1848. Sold to 1, Mar. 30, 1861.
3 New London, Willimantic and Springfield Railroad Company. In Connecticut, May, 1847. Merged with 2, Jan. 17, 1849.
4 Amherst, Belchertown and Palmer Railroad. In Massachusetts, Mar. 25, 1858. Sold to 1, Mar. 1, 1861.
5 Amherst and Belchertown Railroad Company. In Massachusetts, May 24, 1851. Sold to 4, Jan. 1, 1858.

The property owned by the New London Northern on date of valuation was acquired by merger, purchase, and construction. A statement of the owned road mileage, as indicated by its records, follows:

Acquired by merger or purchase:
From The New London, Willimantic and Palmer Railroad Company—
Construction by that company—
New London to Willimantic, Conn., 1849 30.000
Willimantic to Stafford, Conn., 1850 20.000
Stafford, Conn., to Palmer, Mass., 1850 16.000
From the Amherst, Belchertown and Palmer Railroad Company; constructed by the Amherst and Belchertown Railroad Company, Plamer[sic] to Amherst, Mass., 1853 19.050
Acquired by purchase of trackage:
From the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad Company, Millers Falls, Mass., to Brattleboro, Vt., 1880 21.000
Acquired by construction:
Amherst to Millers Falls, Mass., 1866 14.500
Montville to Palmertown, Conn., 1899 2.518
Total recorded mileage 123.518
Add difference between total recorded mileage and mileage inventoried as of date of valuation 1.668
Mileage inventoried as of date of valuation 125.186